Improv Corner – Playing The Favourite – INTERVIEW With The Chandeliers

Welcome to the feature which we are going to feature ever so often as part of Improv Corner. Ever so often, we are going to talk to improv acts about some of their favourite things about the comedy form. Today we are speaking to the improv team The Chandeliers, also known by their show name Crime Scene Impro. This week they have a show at the Brewdog in Leicester at the comedy festival. Today we find out all about their favourite things.

What is your Favourite:

Improv style:

Daftly earnest

Short form game:

New choice

Improv act:

 Bear Pack / TJ and Dave

Film or television show:

Everything, Everywhere, All At Once

Venue to perform at:

Ermintrude, Edinburgh

Way to wind down:

Cauldron of Joy

Way to warm up:

 Synched Claps



Show by another improv act:

Trust Us, This Is All Made Up

Memory of a show:

Audience member committing to the police interrogation by starting every question “I’m Agent Darren”

Part of rehearsing a show:

Discovering the limits were imaginary.

Thing about performing:

Being surprised


“Never say about anything that “I have lost it,” only that I have given it back” ~ Epictetus

Thing about the improv industry at the moment:

That being “an industry” remains a very optional mindset.

Thing about this year so far?

Doing what I love and letting go of what I didn’t.

If you are an improvisers or want your improv troupe to feature get in contact by emailing us at

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