Sunday Book Club – The Charity Shop Detective Agency, Peter Boland

Every Sunday we are taking a look at the world of books. I read a lot and always want to share my opinions on what I read, so I thought it would be fun to write reviews. Today we are looking at a murder in Southbourne…

The Charity Shop Detective Agency (2022)

Peter Boland


Rosie Jones has been dumped by every boyfriend she’s ever had – most recently by Dinosaur Dave, live on TV, during the ‘phone-a-friend’ segment of a quiz show. After the footage goes viral Rosie receives a bunch of flowers with a message:

I love you, I should have never let you go, I want you back x

But who sent them?

At a loose end and with GBP50,000 prize money in her back pocket, Rosie decides to take a trip down memory lane, visiting each of her ex-boyfriends to see not just if they are the one who sent the flowers but if they are the one.

Her journey takes her back to the house she grew up in and on a transatlantic cruise to New York, but can Rosie figure out which ex-boyfriend is the love of her life, or should the past stay in the past?

– from Waterstones

Positive Points

This was a really good read, it was engaging and along the way you meet some really interesting characters. The lead characters are easy to like and the murders are something that makes you want to keep reading.

Negative Points

I am not a fan of how many chapters there are – there would of been ways to condense it to half instead of having 66, it is so many. It is great as a stand alone read but if there is more I am not sure that I will read them.

Overall Review

Since the release of Richard Osman’s Thursday Murder Club, the book industry has started to become saturated with stories that are along a similar sort of theme when it comes to elderly solving murder. I have to say, I personally preferred this book so much more then Osman’s. I found the story new and innovative with a really interesting concept along the way. I found that the murderer was a interesting outcome and actually did not disappoint like I have found others. I know it can be daunting trying new readers but I would recommend this one as it is engaging the whole way through.

Rating : **** 4 Stars

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