The Travel Book – The Broad Chare, Newcastle

Sometimes when you visit a city, you want to know of a location where you can go to for a good drink, a great piece of food and most importantly a good location. Well, today we are going to look at a place that is exactly that with the added bonus of having a great roast dinner as well.

The Broad Chare Pub is located near the Tyne Quayside on a road also called the same name. The traditional ale style house has been created through a partnership between Terry Laybourne’s 21 Hospitality Group and Live Theatre which is just around the corner. The pub is open daily and you will need to check it’s website for the complete times.

I came across this place by accident when I was looking for somewhere to have Sunday Lunch and even though they were busy they still managed to find us a table to eat. The food was amazing and it was completely understandable why it was so busy. The food was well priced and it was cooked fresh to order.

I would say that you should give this place a try if you are in Newcastle as it really is a place worth visiting.

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