Ones To Watch 2023 – INTERVIEW – Canny Funny

It is that time of the year where we celebrate the acts that you need to keep an eye on in 2023. It is an exciting time of the year as it means we can talk to acts to find out what they have in store for audiences and what you can look forward to in the new year. Today we speak to the improv group Canny Funny to find out what they have in store for this year.

Hello tell us all about your improv troupe?

Hi, we are Canny Funny, and we are a shortform improv comedy group based in Northampton, but with some members from Leicester. There are about 8 regular performers 

How did your troupe come about?

Jen: I was looking to run a new improv group in Northampton and decided to apply for a spot at the Nottingham Comedy festival. I got together a few friends that I loved performing with and the first iteration of Canny Funny was born. Since starting up workshops in Northampton, I have been able to add more people to the group. I’m really proud to have such a great cast of people to perform with. 

How did you get into improv?

Jen: I went along to a ‘comedy workshop’ on my birthday while my husband was on night shift. I was immediately hooked! I then explored different styles of improv by attending workshops in London and that was me for life!

What are your plans improv wise for 2023?

We are very excited to announce our first theatre show in Northampton in January. We are also hoping to get out an about and perform with some of our friends around the country. We are open to offers!

What other improv acts are you looking forward to seeing perform online or in person to this year?

We really love what Comediasians, and Do the Right Scene are doing to increase diversity in improv. We also love all of the teams coming out of Queen City Comedy online. 


What styles do you hope to see more of in improv this year?

Although we love our shortform, we love to see musical improv performed live. We are also big fans of organic improv. 

What improv troupe is your ones to watch in 2023 and why?

We are very excited to see other troupes such as Leamington Spa and Glossop Improv perform more. The troupes we are most excited about are the ones that haven’t even been formed yet. 

Do you have any new year’s resolutions? If so, what are they?

Jen: To network with even more improvisers around the country and hopefully bring them to Northampton to perform with us. 

Are you on social media? If so, how can people find out more about your troupe?

 We are on Facebook and Instagram as Canny Funny Improv

Three words why people should come and see you this year?

Canny Funny Joy


The movie or television show you are looking forward to seeing this year.

Stu: Wednesday – it looks like such a fun mix of corny edginess and occult excitement

Maruš: Wednesday

Your favourite book?

Jen: The Man who mistook his wife for a hat 

Maruš: currently The Sweep by Auxier

Stu: Adrian Mole series, specifically The Wilderness Years

One thing you will always remember about 2022.

Maruš: mountain holiday

Jen: Getting to meet up with Karla Dingle in Chester and take her workshop in real life thanks to David Escebedo setting up a workshop.

Stu: Getting back to real life with travel and went skiing for the first time ever up in the Alps.

If you could paint anything, what would you paint?

Maruš: A cat in space

Stu: Something dark and ethereal, think galaxies and cosmos meet Gothic architecture and magic

Jen:  Dreams 

What is the most delightful word you can think of?

Maruš: snuggle

Stu: gruntled

Jen: genki 

Favourite album?

Stu: Wildlife by La Dispute

Jen: Blue by Joni Mitchell 


Where would you love to go on holiday this year?

Maruš: Antarctica

Stu: Japan!

Jen: Japan


What is your favourite quote from a television show?

Maruš: “indeed” from Stargate

Stu: I can’t remember these sorts of things

Jen: I’m not good at remembering quotes either, but I do remember this one 

‘There is only one thing we say to death: Not today.’ Game of Thrones

Who is your favourite film character and why?

Maruš: Palpatine from Star Wars cause he’s clever

Jen: Chihiro from Spirited Away because she is resilient and realises that love conquers all.

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