Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year and WElcome to 2023!

I hope that you all had a fantastic Christmas, New Year and festive period! This year is going to be full of lots of fun on the Phoenix Remix so instead of taking ages lets just get to the point of what you can look forward to!

+ Ones To Watch 2023 – We are kicking off the year celebrating shows, bands, improv acts you should be keeping an eye on this year! We have lots of interviews this month including a show returning to the West End…

+ Recorded Improv Shows – I have teamed up with Sal Fadhley, an improviser in London to help showcase more improv. It is his mission to record improv shows and we are going to have a page with a link to all the new shows that he records. The aim of the project is to showcase the world of London Improv.

+ Features – Throughout the year we have some fantastic acts already lined up to be interviewed so watch this space!

+ Magic Of The Music Video – At some point this year, the feature about music videos will be returning! It will have a new day and time but we will keep you informed

+ Edinburgh Fringe – We intend to do a lot more for the Fringe Festival this year so keep an eye on things.

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