30 Best Songs of 2022 – Pt 3

It has come to the point of the year when we celebrate all things music and take a look back on the year and what songs that it has provided us with. Today we have a look at the last ten in our list of greatest songs of 2022.

21) As It Was – Harry Styles

If there is one person tat has made the headlines a lot this year, then it is none other than Harry Styles. Whether it is due to his acting, music or ahem.. love life, this really has been a great year for Harry. As It Was became one of the leading tracks off of the brand new album Harry’s House and was a huge hit. It went straight to number 1 and won a number of awards including Favourite Pop Song At the AMAs

22) You Only Want Me – Mark Owen

This was the year that Mark Owen from Take That decided to release his first solo music material in a decade. This song was released in May and came with an announcement of a new album and a few tour dates scattered around the UK. It is one of those tracks that is really catchy and will get stuck in your head.

23) Super Freaky Girl – Nicki Minaj

In August 2022, Nicki Minaj released a brand new track that also sampled the song by Rick James Super Freak. The track explores raunchy lyrics and boasts about sexual endeavours and fantasies. When it was released it broke records on Spotify for being the biggest debut track by a solo female rap artist. The music video ecpores the world of Barbie and Ken and features Alexander Ludwig. It has become certified PLatinum in the USA, Australia and New Zealand. 

24) Fever Dream – Palaye Royal

In October this year,  the emo rock band released the track Fever Dream that was the title track of the new album by the band. The song explores the world of the piano and intertwines it into this wonderful unique glam version of rock mixed with punk. Reviewers have stated that it is the highlight of the fourth album as it is such a great song.

25) Self Sabotage – Waterparks

Waterparks released a lot of new music this year whilst they were on tour across the USA and parts of the world. However out of all the tracks that they released this is the most interesting as there is two versions – the one that is the original and also a version with Good Charlotte.  The original version of the track was released in July and it is set to feature on their new album that is released next year.

26) Unholy – Sam Smith & Kim Petras

On the 22nd September Sam Smith returned with a really catchy track that has even become a viral sensation. The single features German Singer Kim Petras and was the second song to be released from Sams up and coming album. The song has been nominated for a Grammy award and has been praised for being a track to feature a duet between non-binary and trans vocalists as it infuses femme power with a catchy dance beat and a lusty sing along. The song topped the charts in many countries including the UK, Australia, Germany, New Zealand and USA to name a few.

27) This Is Why – Paramore

After a five year break, Paramore returned to the scene with a brand new track that gave the band a unique style and welcomed the world to what they can expect from their sixth up and coming studio album. The single came with the announcement that there would be a tour in 2023 as well.

28) Love It When You Hate Me – Avril Lavigne

This year was a big one for Avril Lavigne – she signed onto Travis Barkers record label and started to release new music. On the album it features special appearances by others on the label including Machine Gun Kelly. Mark Hoppius, Blackbear and Travis Barker. The second single off of the track was Love It When You Hate Ne which featured Blackbear and was released on the 14th January.

29) Anti-Hero – Taylor Swift

It would not be a Taylor Swift year without her breaking some sort of record and 2022 is exactly what she did. The single became the longest running number 1 single in the UK with this track Anti- Hero – which was also a viral sensation on places like Tik Tok. The track had over 5.2 million streams in it’s first week in the UK alone. The track was released in October of this year and was inspired by the singers nightmares, issues with depersonalization and self hatred. It came off of her tenth studio album Midnights.

30) Bigger Than Me – Louis Tomlinson

It was not just Harry of the One Directioners that returned to the music scene this year, it was also Louis as well with a brand new single and album. The first track off of the album was Bigger Than Me and it was the lead single off of the album Faith In The Future his second studio album

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