The Travel Book At Christmas – A Real Winter Wonderland

All this month we have been looking at different Christmas experiences in relation to decorations that I have loved around cities that I have visited. Well, today, I am going to put a different spin on this topic because to me there is a whole different angle to this when you are speaking about Switzerland. Whilst the decorations that the swiss cities have are wonderful, the thing that makes it more magical is the trains and the snow.

In 2014, I was in Switzerland over Christmas time and I had bought a pass which meant that I could go on the trains as much as I wanted and throughout the whole holiday I travelled 2,000 miles by the public transport. Now, don’t get me wrong, travelling that far by train on a holiday is something I would never do usually bu Switzerland, especially in the winter is magical and it allows you to see parts of the country you cannot necessarily see by car and that is why it is so special. Another thing that makes it really special in the winter is the snow.

Whilst decorations are pretty, the thing that makes this country amazing at this time of year is the snow – it is like you have walked into a snow globe because the windows are so big you get to really embrace and delve into the world that you are welcomed into. The trains are so reliable in Switzerland that you can really use them to travel up the mountains, go to local villages and even remote locations.

Another thing about the train journey is that you can experience so many different levels of intensity of snow that it can be a wonderful experience. You do not need decorations when you have something that beautiful.

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