The Travel Book At Christmas – The Fruit and The Bottles In Madeira…

Since I write about Christmas every year on here, it can be sometimes really difficult to think about what the next topic will be. Well, this year I had an idea an decided to roll with it, as it is a unique area that we have not discussed before and thought it would be fun to talk about. Christmas decorations, they are a fun thing but the one area we have not really covered is how they are displayed in public places such as hotels, airports and everything in between. So this year we are going to head out of my travels and talk about different places that I have been to that really stood out in regards to decorations. Today we are heading to the island of Madeira.

Madeira, is a unique island and at Christmas, it can be a time when it comes alive! There are so many festive decorations for the eye and you can guarantee that around every corner there will be something new and unique to see, especially in Funchal. Whilst I have spoken about these before, I thought today that I would talk about decorations I saw in Madeira that I thought were really unique and stood out. 

There are two types of decorations that really stand out from this holiday and the first is one that I think is a common trend in a lot of parts of the world that celebrate Christmas now, but back in 2015 I think this was the first time I had seen anything like this actually done. Just outside one of the biggest hotels in the city, there was a massive Christmas display where all the objects was made out of recyclable material, predominantly plastic bottles. Now, when I say this, I do not just mean the odd Christmas tree, I mean a whole variety of Christmas decorations such as fairies and even snowmen! Some lit up and others did not. 

Another thing that was unique in Funchal was their use of Bananas. There is an abundance of the fruit because the EU refuse to sell them because they are not ‘big’ enough for EU regulations, so if you visit Madeira, you will notice that there is banana used in a lot of things such as fish dishes and Christmas decorations. Yes you read that right, however, I must mention that I saw this only a couple of times but every time I did it made me smile. There would be a few places where the banana

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