The Travel Book

The Travel Book – A Grand Day Out – London Zoo

The great thing about London is that there are so many places that you can go for a daytrip throughout the year and the weather does not really effect the fun or the adventure that you can have in them. I will say though, when you are booking to go to big tourist attractions like the one today, be sure to book in advance to make it cheaper and also aim to go first thing in the morning as it will be less busy.

You cannot talk about grand days out in London without mentioning the zoo – it is sort of like a bucket list of what you have to visit in the capital. Plus, they have recently welcomed loads of baby tigers – so you have to go just to see those as they are absolutely adorable!

The zoo is massive, it has so many things to see that you could stay there all day – it will also mean that you will walk a lot as well so be sure to wear comfy shoes. The thing I love about London Zoo is that there are so many animals that you can look at , even really rare species. Since they pride themselves on the conservation of animals there is also a lot of areas that can give you key information about the project.

A lot of the time you visit the zoo you think you have completed it and then you notice the tunnel which then goes to the next section – so in hindsight it may sound expensive to enter but it really is worth it. Also throughout the year they do special themed events to celebrate everything from summer to Christmas.

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