Behind The New Music – INTERVIEW – No Goodbyes, Wellingta

Welcome to the feature where we talk to musicians and artists to find out in depth information about their brand new singles and music. Today we speak to Wellingta an R&B and dancehall singer/songwriter from London who has returned with a brand new track No Goodbyes

Photo credit: Daron Bandeira

Hello Wellingta tell us three unknown facts about yourself?

I love cooking, I have a candle collection called IMPRSVBYWELLINGTA and I speak 5 languages.

How did you get into music?

I started singing and dancing at 5 years old and went to a show called The Mini Playback Show a year after. That’s when everything started.

Who do you find your inspirations? 

My inspiration for songs usually comes from my everyday experiences – conversations, daydreams, observations etc.

Tell us all about your latest single No Goodbyes?

I went to the studio and told my producer that I really wanted to do a song for God. I had just finished listening to Mary Mary‘s song Walking and thought WOW that’s it! I wanna do a dope, danceable song like this for God. We listened to some 90’s hits, started working on the beat and wrote the song. My song „No Goodbyes“ is my love letter to God.

How long did it take to write the song? 

We wrote the song pretty fast, I would say around 15-20 mins.

Where does the inspiration for the song come from?


Tell us a little bit about recording this track in the studio – what were the highlights and challenges?

One of the highlights were how fast we created the lyrics and were ready with the song. It was all a smooth process and we really didn’t have any challenges.

What is your favourite lyric in the track?

 No goodbye’s, you’re always there

What is the most challenging thing when it comes to producing a record?

 To catch the vibe 

How do you warm up for a show?

I pray, drink tea, rehearse and it’s show time

Also let’s talk tour – will there be live shows coming next year?

 Absolutely! I don’t have the dates yet but it’s definitely going to happen! I’m so excited and looking forward to it

What is one of your favourite songs to perform live? 

 I cannot wait to perform No Goodbyes live

What is the toughest songs to perform live and why?

 It ain’t so. I sing this song in a high pitch and it’s always a challenge to sing it live and hit the notes. But I love a challenge and I love to perform all my songs live for my audience.

Our site also is about improv – in a music sense, what have been some of your favorite improvised melodies that you have created and been able to use in songs and why?

No Goodbye’s. It came from the heart and I felt like God was in the room while we wrote this song. It just touches your soul.

What are your plans for 2023?

Putting more music out and and touching people with my songs.

And finally why should people check out your music?

If you want to feel music again, you should definitely listen to my music.

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