The Travel Book – La Bourgogne, Dijon, France

Today we are heading to Dijon in France to a place that i think is one of my favourite places in the area that I had a meal when I visited there for a couple of weeks at Christmas in 2019. The most annoying this was that we found it very last minute so we never got a chance to revisit but if I go back to Dijon I would head there in a heartbeat. 

La Bourgogne is a French restaurant located at 20 Pl. de la Republique in Dijon town centre. It is opened regularly between the hours of 7:30am and 10:30pm apart from Sunday and Monday when it is closed. 

The restaurant has many types of food on offer but the one thing that stands out is the meal deals that are available – for example – there is the MISTINGUETT – which is the plat du jour, JOSEPHINE – plat du jour and Dessert, COLETTE – Entree and Plat du jour and GUSTAVE – Entree, Plat and dessert.

Some of the food that is available in the restaurant on a regular basis include – Burger bourguignon, Supreme de volaille Gaston Gerard, Pave de truite au vin jaune and Aiguillette de Cabillaud just to name a few. 

We discovered this restaurant very last minute and it became an instant favourite as the food was utterly delicious, the staff who work there were really friendly and it was just a lovely dining experience. 

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