Improv Corner – Playing The Favourite – INTERVIEW with Oxford Imps

Welcome to the feature which we are going to feature ever so often as part of Improv Corner. Ever so often, we are going to talk to improv acts about some of their favourite things about the comedy form. Today we speak to Oxford Imps, currently, they have a weekly show every Monday in Oxford until the 28th of October. I thought it would be fun to speak to Vicky about improv favourites.

What is your Favourite:

Improv style

Long form musical

Short form game

Party Quirks

Improv act 

Too many to decide!

Film or television show

I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson

Venue to perform at

Jericho Tavern, home of our weekly shows

Way to wind down

Hot cuppa and a podcast from Aunty Donna

Way to warm up 

A good old-fashioned shake-out


We’ve had “Abbatoir: The Musical” as inspired from our audience

Show by another improv act

Always a fan of Free Association – their Harold’s frequently tickle me pink

Memory of a show

Seeing our new company members take to the Imps stage for the first time!

Part of rehearsing a show

Learning a new game

Thing about performing 

When you can look at your scene partner and know exactly what’s going on in their head


“Just say yes and you’ll figure it out afterwards”

Thing about the improv industry at the moment

How it’s exploding with so many different themed improv shows popping up!

Thing about this year so far?

Getting back to the Edinburgh Fringe and performing some ‘prov

If you are an improvisers or want your improv troupe to feature get in contact by emailing us at

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