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The Travel Book – A Grand Day Out – Cheshire Zoo

Everybody loves a grand day out – you know, those days where you decide to explore a new location or a tourist attraction for the first time. Well, I thought it would be fun to write about places that I have visited and the adventures that I have had. Maybe it will be something that will entice you to visit these locations.

If there is one place that is a fantastic location to go for a day trip then that is a zoo. However, today we are not just going to talk about any zoo, we are going to discuss a zoo which is massive and will give you a fantastic day out – Cheshire zoo.

I discovered the zoo through the television show on Channel 4 called The Secret Life of The Zoo, it was from this show that I realised how many animals they had and how big it was and it persuaded me that I wanted to visit it. A month before the pandemic hit the UK, I travelled to Cheshire to spend a couple f days there so I could visit the zoo. This meant that the day that I visited it was hardly busy as there was news starting to come to light that covid could of come from bats ( I went in a bat cave this day, more about that later.) I think the perfect time to visit a zoo is when it first opens as it is quieter and the animals seem to be more brave as there are not a lot of people around.

The one thing that stood out to me straight away was that the zoo is so huge and it was bigger then I expected. This is why it is the perfect location for a day out as there is something there for all the family. I had a great time at the zoo and I really liked the way that the way you saw the animals varied. You obviously had the big enclosures for the animals but then for animals such as some birds and sloths they were free to roam where they would like. The one that stood out to me the most to me was the bat cave where you walk through a ‘cave’ where it is dimly lit and the bats fly over your head, which is such a surreal experience as you hear the wings flap past you.

Another thing that stands out in the zoo is that the rides (if you desire to go on them) are not just positioned in one location, instead, they are scattered around the part and sit well in the theme of the area that you go and visit. I didn’t go on any of them as they were closed it was out of season but I can imagine in the busy months, these are very popular.

I really enjoyed visiting Cheshire Zoo and I would recommend that you try and give it a visit when you can. I aim to go back at some point again as I feel that the last section I had to rush to make it back to the train station in time for me to get back home. I would say if you going to visit here make it a whole day thing, you will not regret it.

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