Gee That’s Good Month – INTERVIEW – The Novel Idea and Book Tok

In September we are celebrating the world of books! We have a very special interview with Beth Grylls, a journalist who has recently started to delve into the world of book reviews. She has recently started the social media branding of Gee That Is Good where she talks in depth about stories that she has been reading. All this month we are finding out about what it takes to be a reviewer, favourite books and much much more. Today we find out about why it is fun to write reviews and recommendations.

Tell us about your brand new venture?

Gee that’s Good is an honest review channel (YouTube, TikTok and Instagram) for books – there are no spoilers and I try and give the audience not just my views on the plot, characters and pace but also include imagined reenactments of the novel, so that the viewers are able to get a better idea of what to expect. In a sense, I am trying to give life to the book I’m discussing. I also try not to take myself too seriously. On TikTok I do this thing I call #ReadingTheBlurb and I always read them blind. I was never tested for dyslexia as a child, but since getting older it’s become apparent that I probably am. As such I struggle to pronounce words that I haven’t had a chance to practice – I used to find it really embarrassing but now I embrace it. 

How long does it take you to read a book?

It can be anywhere between four days to a month – depending on how much time I have and how invested I am with the book. I have finished shorter books (like Richard Matheson’s I am Legend in a day). 

Do you find filming reviews hard? if so why?

Yes, it can be difficult to find time to film reviews and with reviews it totally depends on how quickly you finish the book when the next review will be up. I’ve been a little more lax recently because of traveling, but I’m keen to get a regular upload schedule going. It made sound silly, but there’s also a lot of pressure on people to look good in today’s society – so I always feel like I have to have a full face on!  

What made you want to review books in the first place?

I’m not sure what gave me the idea to include reenactments in my reviews, but the idea as a whole was born out of my love for discussing books, which has since been fuelled further with the start of our book club – around eight months ago.

Tell us some of the books you have reviewed so far?

Insomnia – Sarah Pinborough

The Midnight Library – Matt Haig

Her Last Holiday – C. L. Taylor

Tell me your Lies – Kate Ruby

Why do you enjoy doing reviews?

It’s like when you watch a really good series or see something interesting happening out and about – you want to share that experience. It’s human nature to tell stories. Basically I just like talking…ha. But I also want to inspire people to read; especially those who wouldn’t normally pick up a book. If I can inspire just one person to read, then I’ll be happy. 

Has it inspired you to read books you would not normally?

Yes! I just picked up the book called The Bees – definitely not something I would read usually. I’m excited to review it…although I’m not sure what the reenactments will look like – maybe I’ll dress up in a bee costume?


What books would you recommend to our readers to try out right now?  

The Midnight Library has been my favourite book I’ve read this year, but I have also read a lot of Lisa Jewell (prior to starting my review channel). There’s not been a single book of hers I’ve disliked, but I really enjoyed The Night She Disappeared. 

In three words why should people check out your reviews?

It’s something different.

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