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The Travel Book – A Grand Day Out – Beamish

Everybody loves a grand day out – you know, those days where you decide to explore a new location or a tourist attraction for the first time. Well, I thought it would be fun to write about places that I have visited and the adventures that I have had. Maybe it will be something that will entice you to visit these locations. If you are visiting the North East their will be one place that people will keep recommending and that is Beamish, and take my advice you have to go and visit it.

The entrance to Beamish

Beamish is a very special place where you get to step back in time and experience the history of the North East, it is sort of like a living museum. There are many different sections that you can explore stretched over such a huge area that it makes it’s a joy to a visit. The one thing that stands out when you visit the museum is the fact that you do not have to walk to the different area, there are many different forms of old modes of transport that you can use to travel around the park. That is the first thing that makes this place pretty special because they rotate which ones are available every time you go.

An example of the transport available

There is so much stuff that is great about Beamish and I do not want to spoil it by talking about everything because when I first visited I knew nothing about it and it made it a magical mystery adventure. However, I will talk about a few things that are things I particularly enjoyed.

The one thing that really stood out to me and still stands out in my mind is the fact that you can actually go into a coal mine. Mining is a huge part of history of the North East and to actually experience how cramped and small they are is very eye opening.

A selfie in the cave

Another thing that really stood out to me is the opportunity to walk through different houses over time and they are so different and also some of them sort of have the scents as well that it can create a really vivid picture. I really like the fact that the history is painted and brought to life and in each area. Also, at certain times of the day there is also people working in them cooking or doing something relevant to the theme.

Throughout there are people doing the jobs that are historic

It really is a great place to visit and is accessible both by car and a short bus journey away from Gateshead. When I lived in the North East I went more then once as it was such a fun place and I highly recommend.

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