Sunday Book Club – Everyone You Hate Is Going to Die, Daniel Sloss

Every Sunday we are taking a look at the world of books. I read a lot and always want to share my opinions on what I read, so I thought it would be fun to write reviews. Today we are going to look at a book by comedian Daniel Sloss.

Everyone You Hate Is Going to Die: And Other Comforting Thoughts on Family, Friends, Sex, Love, and More Things That Ruin Your Life (2021)

Daniel Sloss


From one of today’s hottest young comedians, a transgressive and hilarious deep dive into his favorite subject: relationships.

Daniel Sloss’s stand-up comedy engages, enrages, offends, unsettles, educates, comforts, and gets audiences roaring with laughter – all at the same time. In his ground-breaking specials, seen on Netflix and HBO, he has brilliantly tackled everything from male toxicity and friendship to love, romance, and marriage – and claims (with the data to back it up) that his on-stage laser-like dissection of relationships has single-handedly caused around 300 divorces and 120,000 breakups.

Now, in his first book, he picks up where his specials left off, and goes after every conceivable kind of relationship—with one’s country (Sloss’s is Scotland); with America; with lovers, ex-lovers, ex-lovers who you hate, ex-lovers who hate you; with parents; with best friends (male and female), not-best friends; with children; with siblings; and even with the global pandemic and our own mortality. In Everyone You Hate Is Going to Die, every human connection gets the brutally funny (and unfailingly incisive) Sloss treatment as he illuminates the ways in which all of our relationships are fragile and ridiculous and awful—but also valuable and meaningful and important.

– from Daniel Sloss website

Positive Points

If you are a fan of Daniel Sloss shows such as Jigsaw, then you will be a fan of this book as it is sort of an extended version of the show. It goes more in depth about some of the topics that are discussed in his stand up and look at topics that he has an opinion on. There are some interesting tales that do have emotion but in true Sloss style, they also have a lot of tongue and cheek to them as well. I found this was a book that was very easy to read and with some interesting anecdotes and opinions along the way.

Negative Points

This book was published by an American company so there will be a lot of times throughout where Daniel will be explaining certain things such as things that happen in the UK to the audience in an in depth way to create understanding. If you are not a fan of swearing or aggressive writing, avoid this book it wont be for you. The swearing and aggressiveness, personally did not offend me because I am used to his stand up persona but if you are not you may find this book a bit hard to read.

Overall Review

It is one of those books that I would advise read if you are already a fan of his stand up, if you are new to it, you may find this book very aggressive. There is a lot of swearing and there are very bold topics covered as well that some may not enjoy if they do not understand the stand up of Sloss. It is a book that is interesting to read but when you realise early on that it was published in America, it does become a bit annoying the way that everything has to be described so that an American audience will understand the narrative.

Rating : *** 3 Stars

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