Welcome to Gee That’s Good Month

Welcome to September on The Phoenix Remix – did you have a nice summer? We hope that you enjoyed our 140+ interviews with acts heading to Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Camden Fringe. It is a new ‘term’ and as we head into Autumn there are features we welcome back and new ones we introduce, so let us have a look at this before this months feature:

+Improv Corner

Acaprov will feature on Improv Corner soon

The weekly Monday evening article is back even better then ever! There are lots of articles about the comedy art form and I have even managed to find even more films, books and television shows that discuss it! As well as that we have a lot of interviews coming up with lots of different acts from the world of improv, which ties nicely into the next feature which is brand new.

+Playing the Favourite

We have an interview with A Moment’s Notice later this month

This is a brand new to a feature to the website! In this feature I talk different people about their favourite things. The best thing about this article strand is that I have decided to create specific ones for both comedy acts and music so that you can gain more behind the scenes understanding of some of your favourite groups.

+ A Grand Day Out

This month we will talk about Beamish

There will be a new set of articles intertwining in and out of the travel book focussed on the day trip! There are so many fantastic day trips out there that I thought it would be really good fun to talk about them in depth on The Travel Book. So we will visit some new places and revisit some places to give you all the details as to why you should maybe consider them as your next adventure.

So, now, lets talk about this months special feature, in September we are celebrating the world of books! We have a very special interview with Beth Grylls, a journalist who has recently started to delve into the world of book reviews. She has recently started the social media branding of Gee That Is Good where she talks in depth about stories that she has been reading. All this month we are finding out about what it takes to be a reviewer, favourite books and much much more.

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