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The Travel Book – A Grand Day Out – Brownsea Island, Dorset

Everybody loves a grand day out – you know, those days where you decide to explore a new location or a tourist attraction for the first time. Well, I thought it would be fun to write about places that I have visited and the adventures that I have had. Maybe it will be something that will entice you to visit these locations. We start off this feature with a place that no matter how many times I have visited, always plays a special place in my heart, Brownsea Island. 

Located in the centre of Poole Harbour, Brownsea island is owned by the National Trust and you may have to pay for a boat and a fee to enter it but it really is worth it. It is one of those places you can enjoy on your own, on a date or with all the family as there is something for everyone. The island may look quote small from a distance, but it is actually quite big and I would recommend heading to it early in the day so that you can see as much of it as possible. 

To be fair, I have not visited the island in quite a long time however I thin I can still discuss some of the reasons I really love Brownsea Island:

+ So much greenery – the one thing that will strike you straight away is how much green there is, there are fields, there are woodlands, there are places you never knew existed! With all that walking you will come across picnic tables at times as well where you can stop and chill out and maybe have a bite to eat.

+ Fairy forests – When you are exploring the island, you will come across these hidden areas that appear sort of magical and you can imagine them being fairy forests. They usually have a pond or a marshy bog and they are really pretty with the moss and the leaves around everywhere.

+ The water – One of my favourite things about Brownsea island in the water – you can walk to different sections of the island and the water will be completely different, some places it will be calm and other places it will be rough and the sea crashes against the rocks, it is wonderful and so lovely to see different styles and that is why it is magical. 

+ The beaches – Brownsea has some of the most amazing beaches, with white sand and also at times hardly anyone around. When you go paddling in the sea the fish swim around your feet. It is so lovely and weird at the same time. 

+ The chickens – I am not sure if they are still there but when I used to visit Brownsea island there used to be wild chickens that had a really unique personality. Whenever these chickens would see you they would run after you and just follow you. We tried running once to see if they would follow and they went mental and ran with us! Also if they know you have food – they will become your best friend and will not leave you alone. 

+ The red squirrels – The one thing that Brownsea is famous for is the Red Squirrels and there is a particular area of the island that you can visit and try to find them. They can be pretty hard to find but they are so beautiful to see when you do.

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