The Single Sessions – Cafe Metropol & Brappo, Glenn Astro & Hulk Hodn

Welcome to the feature where we look at new singles coming onto the music scene. Today we look at the double single release by the group Glenn Astro & Hulk Hodn. The songs Cafe Metropol and Brappo are off of the new full-length record Ghosts which was released on August 26th. Today we have a look at these tracks.

Credits: Seda Karaoglu 

Cafe Metropol

This is the first track on the multitrack single and it is a great way to be introduced to the music by this duo. It is an instrumental delight that has an uplifting feel to it. There are definitely elements of jazz in this funky, uplifting track with a drumbeat that intertwines the song. These elements create this melodic dance beat, which is a a great track for a warm summer day. Throughout the track there are accents of different instruments that sort of create a flare and excitement on the journey of the song.


Brappo is a complete contrast from the first track and is a lot more of a surrealist feel to it. The track combines a sense of tech based sound into this jazz based world that makes it a very unique listen. One thing that stands out in this track is the bassy undertones which takes centre stage. In the song there is this high pitched sort of jingly sound thought-out that creates this easy chilled out vibes It feels like it has a hint of jazz intertwined with dance and it is something you can imagine being played in a high class cocktail bar.

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