Monthly Music Hitlist – August 2022

This year I have decided to keep a diary of tracks that I am enjoying so that maybe you can gain new ideas of tracks to listen to or even try out. I am keeping a diary of tracks throughout the month that stand out to me so that I can put these selected tracks into an article for you! Here is this months hitlist

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1/8/2022 – Jailbird, The Interrupters

It is always a fun day when the band The Interrupters release new music as their tracks can be uplifting and have a great, catchy beat to their tracks. This song really brightened my day up hearing this, it has some great guitar riffs and has a hint of eighties to it as well. A true ska punk rock style track. I really like the bold music that intertwines throughout the verses.

2/8/2022 – The Road of Mine, Flogging Molly

I always forget how good this bands music is until I come across it, this is a newish track by the band and it is one of those songs that are pretty striking. It is uplifting, uptempo and really fun to listen to, the star of the show is the musical interludes that happen throughout as it really highlights their musical talents.

4/8/22 – Jet Black Heart, 5 Seconds of Summer

I was listening to some random playlists that I made years ago and this track by 5 Seconds of Summer was on it and came on. It has been ages since I have last heard this track and I genuinely forgot how good this track is. I really like the mix between the sort of acoustic feel to the rock vibes throughout. It has a really catchy chorus as well that once you hear it you will want to sing along to it.

12/8/22 – Pieces, Chase and Status Featuring Plan B

I love listening to playlists that remind you of tracks that you used to love a long time ago. Chase and Status became really well known when I was at University and this was one track that I really liked, I really enjoyed the way that it has a sort of structure of slowly working up to the drum and bass section and it was the song that I think slowly got me liking this genre.

15/8/22 – ALCHEMIST, Kasabian

Kasabian released their brand new album the week before and I only got round to listening to it on the 15th and this is the opening track that welcomes to this new world without their frontman. It is a really interesting track and really defines this new sound that the band have with this emotional twang to it as well. I feel like a lot of the tracks on this album could of easily come of of The SLP album (Serge’s side solo project).

19/8/22 – Don’t Let The Light Go Out, Panic! At The Disco

It was new Panic! album day and I had deliberately stopped listening to single releases so that I had lots of new music to listen to when the big day arrived. I absolutely love this song it really highlights Brendan’s voice and has a real nostalgic feel to it. I cannot wait to see this song live as I think it is going to make it even better. On a side note, I really enjoyed the album as well.

20/8/22 – 29, Demi Lovato

This week also saw the release of Demi Lovato’s new rock album Holy Fvck that is the home of some really catchy tracks and it really makes you realise just how well suited their voice is to the genre. One song that stood out straight away was the track 29. It is apparently about an old relationship they had with someone who was 29 years older then them. It is a interesting listen and you should give it a try.

25/8/22 Bullets In The Dark, No Love For The Middle Child & Mod Sun

This week saw them announce the new cover for the 2023 NHL computer game, whilst I enjoy ice hockey on the Playstation the thing that I was more excited about was the playlist that goes with the game. In the past I have discovered lots of new bands and new music through playing this and always enjoy the mix of tracks that they choose for it. I came across this song whilst listening to the new playlist and found it pretty catchy. It is an older track by about two years but with this playlist I would never of come across it.

26/8/22 – You Make Me Feel Like It’s Halloween, Muse

Another new album released this month and this time it is Muse! It is a fun little album but the one track that stood out to me was this themed song about Halloween. It is a catchy song and everything you expect from a track from Muse – unique, guitars with their own twists and turns. Also it has an amazing music video that is so well edited.

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