Music Memories – This Week -Oops!…I Did It Again

The one thing I love about music is that everyone has their own story to tell – the musician, the lyrics, the way the fans decipher them and also the way a song can also create a memory or a meaning to someone. That is what this new article is all about. Each fortnight, we will take a look at a different song and I will take you as a trip down memory lane as to what it means to me. Welcome to Music Memories.

Track: Oops!…I Did It Again
Artist: Britney Spears
Original Release Date: 11th April 2000

It is funny what you remember of childhood when you hear a song and it was only the other day that I heard this particular Britney Spears song that this memory came flooding back.

I was in Primary school, I cannot remember my exact age but it was around 9 or 10. After school I used to go to an After School club with one of my school friends, where you would do things such as play Sega, play board games and everything else in between. It was a really random location for the After School club – it was in the house at the train station – on every different floor there was something different happening and it always made it very interesting to do.

Also another vivid memory I have is that the person who would pick us up from school had seats in the back of the car that went backwards and we always used to fight to be in those seats and if you got them you were in the golden seats….even if it was a five minute journey.

I remember one of the days, me and my friend were obsessed with the song by Britney Spears ‘Oops…I Did It Again’ we were singing the chorus so much. It got to a point that we got bored of the original lyrics and decided to make up our own. It was at that age when you learn the odd rude and naughty thing and he decided to make them lyrics in the Britney track. I do not have a lot of memory about it but I remember we were in hysterics the whole afternoon now singing the new lyrics that he made up. It was such a silly thing but it is a fun little memory to re-remember.

Facts About Oops!…I Did It Again

  •  The lead single from the album, and her sixth single overall.
  • The lyrics refer to a woman who views love as a game, and she decides to use that to her advantage by playing with the emotions of a boy who likes her. 
  • The accompanying music video was directed by Nigel Dick; it depicts Spears on Mars, dressed in a red bodysuit, as she addresses an astronaut who has fallen in love with her.
  • Has been covered on numerous occasions. In 2001, German singer Max Raabe recorded a cabaret version of the song with Palast Orchester for their album Super Hits. Finnish melodic death metal band Children of Bodom also recorded a cover of the song for their album Skeletons in the Closet (2009). Richard Thompson covered the song on his album 1000 Years of Popular Music (2006).

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