Sunday Book Club – The Twist Of The Knife, Anthony Horowitz

Every Sunday we are taking a look at the world of books. I read a lot and always want to share my opinions on what I read, so I thought it would be fun to write reviews. Today we are going to look at a the third book in the Hawthorne series by Anthony Horowitz.

The Twist Of A Knife (2022)

Anthony Horowitz


Thrown into prison and brutally interrogated, Anthony is the prime suspect in Throsby’s murder and as a second theatre critic is found to have died in mysterious circumstances, the net closes in. Ever more desperate, he realizes that only one man can help him. But will Hawthorne take the call?

– from Waterstones

Positive Points

If you are looking for a well written crime book then this is a story for you, it is the fourth in a series but I think it may be able to work as a stand alone. It is completely different to the other books before this one but it compliments the series well and creates a whole different spin which is a really interesting angle. It is a book you want to keep reading to find out who committed the murder and was it actually Anthony himself?

Negative Points

I enjoyed the book so much I wished that there was more chapters. It did not need it but I just wanted to read more in this world. I would say though that there are others books in the series that are better but that does not mean that this is a great read.

Overall Review

It is a book that is part of a series but i personally think you could get away with reading it as a standalone. However, saying that, I think it would lose the build of the main characters and the relationship that has been created. I still think after book 4 it is a very unique book in the way the author has incorporated himself into the narrative and I still find it incredibly clever how he does it. Especially when at times the lines of factual and fiction are blurred. If you want to read a crime book with a difference this is it but my advice, read from book one.

Rating : **** 4 Stars

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