Today’s Featured Artist – INTERVIEW – PK

Tell us about:

Your latest single you have released:

The latest project is “superstore”, a positivity-filled melodic video single about not getting stuck in your own generated problems. As we do way too often. Those send us in a snowball effect of creating additional issues on top of the stress we’re already in. The human brain is a powerful entity that creates regardless. Learning to control that, even a little, is a superpower on its own. It’s easy to say “I wrote this about peoples problems” but it’s harder to say that they are mine in the first place. I never knew how to let go enough, even got a bit obsessive with a number of situations. On days of no inspiration, we should be able to inspire ourselves from within. And that’s my point with “for a better life” movement too. We should always be loud and proud about who we are.

Your first single and how you felt when it was released:

Well, my first single was “back in 2004 when I was just 15. It was in Estonian and called “Tõrje”, which featured an instrumental from s’Poom who was a known solo rapper in Estonia at the time and since then has become the frontman of the old-school group 5LOOPS. I felt very proud because I was quite young and s’Poom was someone I looked up to. He was an already established artist and to have him want to collaborate with me was an honour. 

Your favourite song that you have created that is an album track:

I believe if you’re not the biggest fan of your own music, something needs to be switched up. I even like the technically terrible songs I did 10+ years ago. One of my favorites is definitely “upgrades downgrades”. Just because I wanted to make a record dedicated to my mom for years and finally the time was right so that song happened. It’s very hard to pick just one though, I love a lot of the Estonian ones too.

Your favourite song to play live:

That’s a great question. The ones mixed with EDM are pretty fun – “911 on speed dial” and “pushing out a car on your own” are the regulars in the set right now. Also I really like doing covers because it shows a different dimension to me and connects on another level. I love to share the songs that I like to listen on my own time. It gives me a feeling of a strong personal link to the audience. Like they saw through me, saw what makes me tick and I think that’s beautiful.

Your most emotional track:

I have a lot of emotional tracks, the brutal melancholic honesty is probably one of the strongest themes in my music overall. But the one that will always have a special place in my soul will be “corners”. That song was a dead end, a realization and ultimately a turning point. It was one of the cornerstones (lol I just realized that goes well with the name) in my life completely changing. It’s on the album “appear offline” that was released in 2021.

The best lyric you have ever written:

That’s an impossible question to be fair haha.  I’ve written hundreds of songs so no way of picking the best. But at the moment I really like “So I’m walking on toes. To a place where people cry and just let go. Of this whole show. But we still buy the tickets though”. 

Also “Shrug it off with a joke. I really don’t know, which is more cruel – the hopelessness of life or hope?” has a beautiful desperation in it.

Describe the feeling you get when you walk on stage to do a show:

It’s like being being stuck in an “Inception” like dreamworld limbo but every layer is the made up of the most surreal experiences you ever had. You can feel the energy of every person you meet in those experiences fly through the spacematter that is your being. I stop searching for pieces, the puzzle is done.

The hardest track to play live:

The ones’s with the most singing lol because I jump around so much, it really takes a toll on my stamina and stuff starts to sound real flat. Thank god for the additional fonotrack haha.

Essential items you always take on tour with you?

Mister Pillow – the small pillow my mum made me when I was born. Something for a headache because I get migraines and it’s best to be safe than sorry. When the anxiety hits, they don’t really help though.. A lot of water, gotta stay hydrated. Different shoes. I’d like to take my best friends to every show I do but sometimes that’s not possible due to various reasons. Everything else is replaceable.

Describe your fans in three words:

Almonds. pistachios, cashew. So basically all kinds of nuts. I love them all to pieces.

A song by another artist or band you wish you had written:

There’s no such song. I think every song is written by the person who was meant to write it. I’m very happy with the songs I’ve written for myself and that’s more than enough for me.

What we can look forward to from your band this year:

At the moment I have some super exciting projects to come. Not just exciting for me but my fans. There are some tracks about to drop like I never made before. There’s an insane amount of singles in the works right now. I don’t think I ever had this many waiting their time. So join me on this alternative path to a better life and let’s enjoy the power of sharing. Haha damn I sound like I’m tryna sell you something…

At the start of every year I jot down some goals to achieve in the next 12 months. Not only as a musician but as a person. As an artist, the next thing is always “more”. More streams, more followers, more shows, more everything. While that’s all cool, it’s not worth much before being more as an entity. So my next milestone is tomorrow. And after that the next day. And after that the next. Each one of those will be a milestone achieved because I grew another day. That goes for me as PK and me as Joseph. It’s a symbiosis.

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