Comedy Cinema – This Week – Ghostbusters

Welcome to the sister article to Comedy Clicks! Each week, we will be taking an in depth look at some of the best comedy films that the world of cinema can offer! Today we will be looking at Ghostbusters

About the Film

Summary of Plot

Three parapsychologists forced out of their university funding set up shop as a unique ghost removal service in New York City, attracting frightened yet skeptical customers.- iMDB

Year Of Release


Running Time

1 Hour 45 Minutes


Ivan Reitmam

Box Office Opening Weekend




Bill Murray – Dr Peter Venkman
Dan Aykroyd – Dr Raymond Stantz
Sigourney Weaver – Dana Barrett
Harold Ramis – Dr Egon Spengler
Rick Moranis – Louis Tully
Annie Potts – Janine Melintz

Song From the OST


  • When Louis Tully mingles with his party guests (commenting on the price of the salmon, and so on), the scene is one continuous shot, and almost entirely improvised.
  • Almost none of the scenes were filmed as scripted, most had at least one ad-lib. Most of Bill Murray’s lines are ad-libs.
  • Harold Ramis only intended to write the film. He decided to play Dr. Egon Spengler after he felt he was the best person suited for the role.
  • Sigourney Weaver floating is an actual physical effect. The actress was put in a full body cast and attached to a post hidden in the curtains. According to the DVD commentary, the effect came from Ivan Reitman’s Broadway experience.
  • This is Columbia Pictures’ highest grossing film of all time when adjusted for inflation.
  • Michael Keaton turned down both the roles of Dr. Peter Venkman and Dr. Egon Spengler

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