Funny At The Fringe – INTERVIEW – Yuriko Kotani: Kaiju About

It is festival season and that means that in the next month there is so many great comedy festivals to look forward to! This month we are looking at some of the great shows that you can see at the Edinburgh Fringe. So take note because we are going to give you all the information you need for just a handful of some of the great shows happening this year!

Yuriko Kotani: Kaiju About

Credit: Karla Gowlett

Location:  Pleasance Dome – 10Dome (Venue 23)

Dates: Aug 3rd-14th, 16th-29th

Time: 19:10

Price: £12.50 Concessions £11.50

Ticket Link:

Hello! Tell us about yourself? 

Hello! My name is Yuriko Kotani and I’m a UK-based Japanese stand-up comedian.

How did you come up with the name of your show that your taking to the fringe?

I wish I could tell you now but I don’t want to spoil it… So please come to my show and find it out! But if you are wondering what ‘kaiju’ means, it is a Japanese term, and some people translate ‘kaiju’ as ‘monstrous beast’ or ‘giant monster’ in English. They are often found in a certain genre of films or TV programmes (for example, Godzilla is commonly regarded as kaiju film). 

Oh, also, on wikipedia page in Japanese language, it is said that Nessie is called ‘Loch Ness’s Kaiju’! 

But again, you will need to watch my show to find out about kaiju in my show Kaiju About. 

Tell us all about your show!

It’s about myself, a Japanese person living in London. I was about to make a change and have a fresh start in my life… Then something happened…
I’m going to tell stories and my thoughts through the journey of my experiences as well as the challenges.

What other acts are you looking forward to seeing at the fringe?

I’m looking forward to seeing acts, bumping into them on street, say hello and chat! Also I’d love to meet acts who I haven’t met yet. Edinburgh Fringe is the wonderful place where you can see so many performers and I just cannot wait!

Have you done the fringe before? What are the key pieces of advice you have been given or would give to new groups or people performing at the fringe. 

Yes, I have and I just want to say, enjoy it! Walk around and watch lots of shows. You might get lost a few times at the first visit due to the city’s beautiful and unique geography (and I still get lost sometimes), but enjoy that experience too because you might be able to discover amazing cafes that will become your favourite place to write, and/or incredible shows that you’ll love!

What have been some of your favourite shows to date and why?

There are so many but if I shall pick a couple to write here (although there are so so many…), I’d like to say Sarah Kendall’s Shaken and Lucy Pearman’s Fruit Loop. I don’t want to spoil anything so I won’t write much here, but after I watched them, I felt something so powerful and I carried that feeling after. If you can get a chance, please watch them, I highly recommend! 

Favourite one liner you have done in a show and why?

My writing style has been more like storytelling than one-liners, however, during the lockdown I was trying to write lots of one-liner jokes. And one day on stage, I got heckled, and I said one of my one-liner joke. And the timing worked so well, everyone laughed and I was able to deal with the heckler. As I don’t want to ruin it, so I hope you can come to one of the show and hear my one-liner jokes and enjoy!

What three items are essential for a successful Fringe? 

I don’t know if I’m answering the question right but I will try not to forget to have fun, joy and plenty of vegetables. 

What have been some of the most unique and different comedy shows you have seen this year and why?

This year in 2022, I was performing at live shows as much as I can, so I haven’t been able to watch many finished live comedy shows yet. So I’m really looking forward to going up to Edinburgh Fringe and seeing many unique, different, inspiring shows! 

What is the best way to enjoy yourself at the fringe?

Keep being creative, keep writing funny or silly stuff, and keep making yourself laugh. So if you see me being by myself giggling, that’s when I’m doing that. 

The best thing about performing at the fringe?

So many things but one of the best thing is I can get to perform and watch so many shows everyday by getting to the places by walk!! 

The most challenging thing about performing at the fringe?

Learning and knowing when to take a rest, chill and relax as there are so many shows you can perform or watch, and sometimes I forget to chill or take a rest even a short break. Everyone is different, so learning your own pace is really important I think. 

What would be your top three items every performer must take to the fringe?

Light jacket that you can carry around (preferably waterproof), shoes that are comfortable, and most importantly, feeling of excitement!

Also, I shouldn’t forget that you can buy most of the things in Edinburgh. I bought and took lots of Japanese food in 2019 (they were heavy and filled up my suitcase) and realised that I could buy most of them in Edinburgh. 

What’s the secret to successful flyering? 

I always try to remember that I’m sharing my excitement about the show to people.  

Who would be your ultimate dream audience member?

On a new material night, I’m hoping that the new jokes that I’ve written will work and get some laughs. I attempt the first joke. And I can see audience burst into laughter, huge laughs continues all the way through at every new punchlines I’ve written. Some are crying as laughing too hard, and I see everyone’s happy faces… (and my imagination continues.) 

If people want to find out more about you where can they follow you on social media?

I’m on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. My handles are 

Twitter @YurikoComedy

Instagram @YurikoComedy

Facebook @YurikoKotaniComedy

And Finally in three words – Why should people come and see the show? 

I’m proud of it. (I’m sorry, it’s not three. Oh no, now it’s 9… 15.)

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