Funny At The Fringe – INTERVIEW – The Oxford Imps

It is festival season and that means that in the next month there is so many great comedy festivals to look forward to! This month we are looking at some of the great shows that you can see at the Edinburgh Fringe. So take note because we are going to give you all the information you need for just a handful of some of the great shows happening this year! We have also been able to interview some of the acts that are heading up to the Fringe as well.

The Oxford Imps

Location: Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose – The Nip (Venue 24)

Dates: Aug 3rd-16th, 18th-28th

Time: 13:40

Price: £9.50 Concessions £8.50

Ticket Link:

Hello! Tell us about yourself? 

Hi! We’re The Oxford Imps and we’re a happy mix of students and locals who’ve been delighting audiences in Oxford and internationally since 2003. We’ll be serving up our signature blend of short and long form improv for the Fringe once again this year.

Tell us all about your show!

A smorgasbord of devastatingly funny improvised comedy! From our audience’s suggestions, we perform made-up-on-the-spot games, stories and songs, culminating in an improvised mini-play, which can vary from Shakespeare to Broadway-style musicals. It’s a show packed full of quick wit and boundless energy from Oxford’s sharpest minds. No two shows are the same!

What other acts are you looking forward to seeing at the fringe?

We’ll be popping our heads in to see some of our alumimps at The Show That Must Not Be Named, Austentatious and Impromptu Shakespeare. So much great improv to squeeze into the month, we’ll be kept busy for sure.

Have you done the fringe before? What are the key pieces of advice you have been given or would give to new groups or people performing at the Fringe. 

The Imps have been performing at the Fringe for over 15 years, and definitely have some nuggets of wisdom to share. I think the main point from the team is to pace yourself. Performing, rehearsing, flyering, socialising – it can really take it out of you! Remember to schedule in some hours (or hopefully even days) off to avoid the dreaded burn-out. Melt around Edinburgh and visit some of the sites, or take a 6 hour nap – whatever recharges your batteries.

What have been some of your favourite shows to date and why?

We’ve been so glad to return to live comedy after lockdown and performing in our new venue in Oxford. Our sell-out end of term show at the Jericho Tavern really sticks out for me for its sheer warmth, delight and silliness. We also headed over to Utrecht for some Theatersports with Parnassos, and they were so happy to see us back there again. We’ll be picking up our weekly shows again in Autumn, as well as some exciting projects with other venues next year.

What have been some of the most unique and different comedy shows you have seen this year and why?

I loved How To Live a Jellicle Life because it felt like being in the weirdest and wackiest TED talk, complete with stunning PowerPoint skills and Linus Karp’s excellent costuming. Stoked that it’ll be showing at the Fringe this year.

What is the best way to enjoy yourself at the fringe?

Go with the flow! You can plan your shows to see as much as possible, but if there’s something that catches your eye and it’s due to start in 2 minutes, go for it. Who knows – it might just be your favourite show of the Fringe!

The Best thing about performing at the fringe?

The sheer amount of creatives who are all in one place, and all excited about theatre and performance. Being able to talk to people from all over the world, see their shows, and visit amazing venues? There’s nothing else like it.

The most challenging thing about performing at the fringe?

Sharing a flat with multiple performers + One bathroom = Havoc

What would be your top three items every performer must take to the fringe?

1) A waterproof for the rain, or for wayward wallpaper paste from postering

2) Ed Fringe programme – it’s always nice to have the real thing in your hands and look at after the Fringe has ended

3) A robust diary/spreadsheet

What’s the secret to successful flyering? 

Make a connection with who you’re flyering to. You don’t just want to stuff a flyer in the hands of an unsuspecting citizen – make a real effort to engage them in a conversation and share the love of the Fringe.

Who would be your ultimate dream audience member?

The reader reading this right now… and maybe a visit from Stephen Fry wouldn’t go amiss.  

If people want to find out more about you where can they follow you on social media?

You can find us on Instagram @oxfordimpstagram, Facebook at The Oxford Imps, and Twitter at @oxfordimps. 

And Finally in three words – Why should people come and see the show? 

Imptastic. Hilarious. Glee.

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