Today’s Featured Artist – INTERVIEW – As We Leave

Tell Us about: 

Your latest single you have released:

 ‘Rarely Been So Long’ is a playful tongue in cheek nod to cynicism and comic disillusionment. We wanted the song to conjure up elements of Bulgakov’s absurdities but instead of the paranoia of Stalin’s 30’s era Moscow, we have the less dangerous panorama of a backwards Victorian island, stuck in limbo.

Your first single and how you felt when it was released:

 ‘Stories We Tell’, the first single we released on the previous EP ‘Everything to a Point’, felt great when it was released. We had the song for some time before that was ever considered for single release but, we definitely made the right choice. It was very fun making the video as well. There was a Sense of finally achieving something that the public can listen to after all these years. 

Your favourite song to play live: 

The best song to play live is definitely ‘Itchy Feet’. It’s probably our most upbeat tune to date and it’s unfortunately not made it into any of the releases as yet, making it that little more exciting to play live. 

Your most emotional track: 

The most emotional As We Leave track is another one never released. ‘A Thousand Times’ was written after I had lost my last remaining grandparent and it still has the capacity to draw reflection and tears when I hear it now. Maybe one day we shall have another go at recording it so that others have the bitter sweet pleasure. 

The best lyric you have ever written:

 That’s a real tough one to answer, all my lyrics mean something to me. I’m probably most proud of the cynical undercurrents of ‘Hope That Kills’ : “I’ve seen all the flowers on the wall, the memories in a frame, nothing quite like a trip in time, there’s nothing there to be gained “. But Kit at the weekend told me he thought the opening lines to ‘Wood for the trees’ were beautiful and heart reaching.. “Little stars, fall from the sky, take a little pinch of salt and rub it in your eyes’. 

Describe the feeling you get when you walk on stage to do a show:

 We are more of a writing band to be honest but when we do play live there’s the usual mixture of nerves and excitement, the same raw feelings we had when we were teenagers, especially if we have new songs to play! 

The hardest track to play live: 

Quite a few of the tracks can be complicated to play because there only four of us in the band! We tend to leave some of the synth, keys out in order to make the tracks work with a 4/5 piece guitar based live sound. Of the songs released, ‘Dreamland’ is probably the most awkward to play live. 

Essential items you always take on tour with you? 

Books!! Lots of books! Novels and scholarly non fiction. Also, a good series like ‘The Wire’… Kit also has to bring he’s impression of Mick Jagger… never fails to raise a smile! 

A song by another artist or band you wish you had written: 

Really tough choice… and it would probably change each time you asked me but on this occasion, I’m gonna say Tom Waits: ‘Martha’… everything about that song, atmosphere, sentiment, tone, pace, lyrics, composition… absolutely first rate!! Beautiful and timeless. 

What we can look forward to from your band this year: 

Our current EP was released on 24th June… keep a lookout for the limited edition cassette (old school!) of ‘Stop Making Plans’ … it’s pretty cool. Also, we are very enthusiastic and excited by the new material we are writing… sometimes you just get on a roll and they flow quite quickly! 

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