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The Travel Book – LONDON WALKS – Bond Street to Charing Cross

I love walking, and being a Londoner, one thing I have done for years is walk the city for hours, in all different areas meaning I have a lot to tell Today we are going to talk about a walk that gives you a look at some of the tourist attractions whilst also looking at some interesting fashion shops.

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Bond Street to Charing Cross

Why this walk?

This may seem like a pretty random route to take for a walk but it allows you to see a lot of different areas of London. It first takes you through the back roads of all the rich shops and then you end up at another tourist area but you get to see them slightly differently to normal.

What is there to see?

You walk past some of the biggest fashion brands such as Mulberry which have great shop displays (even better at Christmas) and you end the walk going through Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square which is always so great to see!

The Walk

When you come out of Bond street tube station, try and find the pedestrianised road called st Molten Street. This is a lovely little place for shops and coffee shops. At the end of the street you need to turn right onto Brooke Street and follow it all the way down until you see a busy road called New Bond Street. You will need to turn right onto this. 

New Bond Street is a great road, it is where all the designer shops are, it may not be your sort of thing but the window displays (especially at Christmas) are worth walking past. Some of them are really inventive and interesting. It is quite a long street so there is lots to see on the way. 

When you get to the end of the road you will be on Piccadilly and here is where you turn left and follow it down to Piccadilly circus. Follow the directions to Leicester square and look at all the tourist shops and areas on the way. 

When you get here there are two ways that you can get to Trafalgar Square – either through the small walkway between the National Portrait Gallery or walking all the way round near the Capital FM building. 

In the last section of the walk, you walk through Trafalgar Square and head for Charing Cross station. 

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