HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! Today we Turn 7!

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Every year I always write a little note to mark the fact of when The Phoenix Remix began, I like to celebrate it because it was a point in my life in 2015 where I decided to take writing up as a full time hobby. I wanted a place to write about my interests and from that it turned into a site where I can showcase and interview improv acts, comedians and even musicians.

Every year I cannot believe the amount of people that read this website and I am ever thankful for you spending your time reading the words in front of you on the screen. This year we hit over 5000 published articles and that is a landmark I never thought we would reach. I am also thankful for the contributors such as James Walsh who take the time to review shows and music as well when they have the time.

Every year I take this time to thank the readers (you!) For taking the time to read the site and I look forward to bringing you another year of great fun and lots of interviews and content.

This year the world of entertainment has fought back and we are in a stronger position then we were last year and it has been fantastic to interview a lot more acts then we have been able to do in the last couple of years.

In year 7 we will try and bring you lots more content, more reviews and interviews on the way. We already have some fun things in the works so I hope you will enjoy!

So thank you again for looking and reading this website and in true birthday tradition – here are five articles from the year.

1) IMDp Month – INTERVIEW – Podcast Preparations and Play Dead London

Date Posted:  18th August 2021

Link To Article: https://thephoenixremix.com/2021/08/18/imdp-month-interview-podcast-preparations-and-play-dead-london/

Reason for article:  In August of last year I got to sit down with the podcast IMDp to find out all about what inspired the improvisation show. It is so fun interviewing podcasts because you do not realise the amount of work that goes into producing one and one based on improv can be exceptionally hard. The one thing that I enjoyed learning about was the artwork and how the names of the shows are formed as they are all very creative.

2)The Travel Book – Music & Travel – Pt.3 Fall Out Boy

Photo by Gotta Be Worth It on Pexels.com

Date Posted:  21st October 2021

Link To Article: https://thephoenixremix.com/2021/10/21/the-travel-book-music-travel-pt-3-fall-out-boy/

Reason for article: The fact that we have had on and off lockdowns since the early side of 2020 it meant that writing travel articles at time became very difficult and it took creativity and planning to work out how I could continue to keep writing. Whilst I was thinking of ideas, I noticed that music had a huge impact on my travel so I decided to write a strand of articles about how they have inspired journeys. This one in particular is an important read as this is a bands lyrics that persuaded me to visit Chicago which ended up being one of my favourite places to go.

3) Charlie Vero-Martin Month – INTERVIEW – Performing Solo

Date Posted:  20th October 2021

Link To Article: https://thephoenixremix.com/2021/10/20/charlie-vero-martin-month-interview-performing-solo/

Reason for article: I always find it fascinating and brave when someone decides to do shows as a solo act and it was fantastic to chat to Charlie about the differences about being part of an improv team and also doing stand up comedy as well. This was a really fun interview to do and it was a great insight into the different styles.

4) Improv Corner – SPECIAL EDITION – On The Road With Bumper Blyton

Date Posted:  21st February 2022

Link To Article: https://thephoenixremix.com/2022/02/21/improv-corner-special-edition-on-the-road-with-bumper-blyton/

Reason for article – One thing I really enjoy is allowing other acts or improv troupes taking over Improv Corner to write a special article about an area of improv that is important to them. I loved this article that Bumper Blyton write about their time on the road touring as it is something that I do not have any experience with and it was great to hear about it all first hand as it was a very exciting time for the team.

5) The Bean Spillers Month – INTERVIEW – Have You Heard about Gigglemug and RuneSical Yet?

Date Posted:  20th April 2022

Link To Article: https://thephoenixremix.com/2022/04/20/the-bean-spillers-month-interview-beanhind-the-scenes-of-gigglemug-and-runesical/

Reason for article – I always find it exciting that even after all these years I can still find new acts to talk to and it was great fun talking to the Bean Spillers about their show and up and coming projects that they have in the future.

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