The Travel Book

The Travel Book – Mulhouse, France

When you are exploring France, it is always a treat when you come across somewhere last minute that ends up being a very pretty place. When I was travelling around the East of France in 2019, we came across this town and ended up liking how pretty parts of it actually were. 

Mulhouse is located in the eastern side of France and is easy to get to via trains that go to places such as Strasbourg. It is a city that is also near the borders of Germany and Switzerland. It is a place that is famous for having the biggest train and car museums in the world called Cite do l’Automobile and Cite du Train. The city is partnered with the towns of Walsall, Antwerp, Kassel, Bergamo, Chemnitz, Giv’atayim, Timișoara and Jining. 

So why should you visit Mulhouse? Well for starters there are some areas of the city that are really pretty, the one area that springs to my mind that I enjoyed was the Historical centre, I have never seen a building like it and it really sticks vividly in my mind. Another thing that stood out for me when I visited Mulhouse was the artwork that was scattered on certain buildings – there is a mix of modern and old and it is always a treat to try and find them. 

From visiting the city, I would say aim to make it a day trip and not stay there as there is a very limited choice of hotels. It is a pretty place to visit and I would because  there is always something happening and if you visit the time we did, around christmas, there is a huge market. 

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