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The Travel Book – Plonk Golf, Borough Market, London, United Kingdom

If there is one thing that I have noticed about modern life and that is that crazy golf has become more interactive. It is all about how computer screens can be used to create part of the game. Personally, I find that the introduction of technology to crazy golf has made it a bit boring. When you visit cities like London, you will notice that a lot of the crazy pub golf locations (which is a modern trend) rely heavily on this, so to come across one that does not use them at all and creates interactivity in a whole different way was a complete fresh of air.

Plonk Golf is a chain that is located in various parts of London but today we are going to focus solely on the one at London Bridge area as that is the one that I visited. Plonk Crazy Golf Borough Market is located at the Arches B,C,D,E on Montague Close. It is a five minute walk from the train and tube stations. The price can vary depending on what time that you visit the location.

The course is only nine holes, which may not sound a lot but the course is full of different themes that all represent an iconic location in London such as the wheel, South Bank, Borough Market and Tower Bridge to name a few. The holes are completely old school, meaning that it is all about the course and not the interactive computers. Some of the holes can be incredibly difficult but at the same time a lot of fun as they are very creative.

One of the examples of the more unusual holes is HMS Belfast – the first part of the hole you have to whack the ball up onto the ship, then when it is on board, the game turns into a pinball machine. yes that is correct, you have to aim the ball with a pinball contraction to hit the targets to get off the boat to get to the next section of the hole.

It is a really fun place, it can get really busy so make sure you book in advance but if you are looking for a crazy golf with a difference this is the place!

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