The Jukebox Month – This Week – That’s Entertainment!

We are gearing up for comedy festival season here on the Phoenix Remix, so before everything kicks off I thought it would be fun to do a month celebrating the world of music. I have managed to find another load of questions to discuss a lot more music! So every Wednesday I will be discussing different topics around the world of music! We will cover lots of different topics including ones attached to memories, new music and songs you may not of heard of!

A song that recently got stuck in your head

As It was – Harry Styles

It is a song that when I first heard I wasn’t sure that I liked but the more I hear it the more catchy this track becomes. It is something to do with the jingly music interlude in between the verses and the chorus, when you hear it that section gets caught in your head and it will not go away. It is a song that when you first hear you are not sure whether you like it but the more you listen to the lyrics the more you appreciate them as well. It has a really interesting music video as well that the more you watch the more you notice.

A song from a different genre that you enjoy

That’s Entertainment – Fred Astaire

One thing that I am a really big fan of is old fashioned Hollywood and I find that this track really highlights the ‘magic’ of this genre. I really like this song and it is one of those tracks that you really have to pay attention to the lyrics. In my spare time I actually really like listening to Fred Astaire as it is music that you can really relax to, it is also music that makes me feel really happy as well. There are many musicians from this time that do that but thought focus on music i before.

Reminds you of one of your closes friends

Full Heart Fancy – Lucky Chops

There are many songs that remind me of my closest friends, certain memories are linked to certain tracks, well today I am going to talk about one that has happy memories attached and reminds me of an event we went to a few years ago. In 2019, we went to a concert in Islington to see the band Lucky Chops, their music is vibrant and uplifting and the concert was exactly the same. The songs were great and made us want to dance along to the track. it was such a great night and it made us want to go to concerts together a lot more…..then Covid hit and it hasn’t happened since as life has got in the way.

A song that creates inspiration

30/90 – Tick Tick Boom

There are a lot of songs that I find inspiring and I have spoken about a lot of them here in the past, so I thought I would try and think of one that I have not spoken about before. There are many songs that I find inspiring for so many different reasons and the one that I am going to speak about today is a track that I really like. It is one of those songs that when I hear it just makes me want to do more with my life and live everyday to the fullest. The film I found ok but it is this song that had the most impact on me as I love it. The track is such a great musical song and it is really uplifting in the musical melodies that it is hard not to enjoy it as a track.

A song in different language

Pour Oublier -Kendji Girac

Over lockdown, I started to listen to musician Kenji Girac a lot, his music is uplifting, exciting and great to dance to. I listen to his songs a lot and he is becoming one of my favorite musicians and cannot believe that he is not known in the United Kingdom. I really love this song Pour Oublier, it has a great musical beat and makes you want to dance along. Due to the fact that I have heard it so much means that I can now sort of sing along to it and it is great because I learn more French along the way. If you have not heard of his music, I think you should really go and check it out.

A song that transports you to another place and time

Wake Me Up – Avicii

I think I have spoken about this track before on this website but I wanted to discuss it again, if there is one song that I hear and it makes me smile then it is Avicii Wake Me Up. It was a song that was played all the time the players came out on the ice in Tampa and it always made me smile. I loved the way the graphics created this amazing introduction to the players and the track would just pump up the energy of the stadium. it is a great memory.

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