The Travel Book – The Butterfly And The Pig, Glasgow, Scotland

If you are heading to Glasgow anytime soon then there is one place that you need to visit for food as it is, to put it straightly, really delicious. The Butterfly and The Pig is located on 151 Bath St, it is about a ten to fifteen minute walk from either Charing Cross Station or Glasgow Queen Street. It is located down some stairs so you have to pay attention to it to try and find it.

The restaurant prides itself on being a mix of shabby chic with unique design on the wall and also a really fun menu that you will enjoy to read as it is worded in such a creative way. The menu is home to some really tasty dishes including steak pie, burgers, fish and chips and frittata. If you have time or space for dessert then give them a try as they are huge portions (big enough for sharing) and really tasty.

I found this restaurant by accident on the way to check into my hotel and I am so glad that I did. The Staff were really friendly and the food was utterly delicious. It is one of those places that you know is very popular so be sure to book a table in advance of your visit.

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