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The Travel Book – LONDON WALKS – Waterloo to Tower Bridge

I love walking, and being a Londoner, one thing I have done for years is walk the city for hours, in all different areas meaning I have a lot to tell. I really enjoyed talking about the walks I did whilst I was in Fort William, so I thought that ever so often I would explore walks I have done everywhere and London there will be many as this is where I know the most knowledge. Today we are going to talk about a walk which I think is one of my favourites.

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I love walking London. there are so many great walks that give you so many lovely views and experiences. This is not an official walk as far as I am aware, this is just one that I really enjoy. Whenever I leave London for a period of time I always return and do this walk.

Waterloo to Tower Bridge

Why This Walk?

I really love this route, it gives you a chance to see so many sites and also have a lovely walk along the Thames. Also, it is one of those walks that you can do in any weather or season and the view will change and give you a great view.

What is to see?

This is a great walk because you get to see a lot of the sights in London including the London Eye, The Globe, St Pauls and finishing off with a great view of Tower Bridge and the Tower Of London.

The Walk

Head out of Waterloo train station and follow the signs for the London Eye. If you follow the route exactly, you should get an amazing view of it looking tall and bold. When you get to the wheel turn left towards The South Bank Centre.

Depending on what time of the year you visit this area, it can have Christmas or a summer market. South Bank is a great place to see shows and if you past this you will see the iconic skateboarding area, the book stalls you seen films and the BFI where the London Film Festival happens. Next to this is the National Theatre which has been the home to iconic shows such as War Horse.

As you keep walking, there will be a huge building on your right, this used to be Television Studios where iconic television shows such as This Morning, Have I Got News For You, QI, Graham Norton and many more used to be filmed. There is a food area right next store which has some great places to eat.

After this area, you wal past the Oxo Tower and shops, if you keep walking straight you will eventually end up at the Tate Modern. This area of the art museum is interesting because you have a great view of St Pauls, the Millennium Bridge, the Shard and the Walkie Talkie Building. It also allows you to walk past the Globe as well.

The walk to London Bridge takes you around twists and turns that allow you to see some really interesting sites including a ship, grafitti, the Clink museum and even walk through Borough Market.

The last section of your walk may at first seem a bit dull in comparison but it is not. The key is to keep looking down the side roads to the right as you may come across some really impressive sites. When you get to near the end you will get an amazing view of The Snail, Tower Of London and Tower Bridge.

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