In The Games Corner – MEMORY CARD EDITION – Is The Violence Really Needed Lara?

Welcome to the sister article to In The Games Corner that is about computer games but with a different spin. I have been playing computer games from a very young age and I find that some games when I think of them are attached to very strong memories. So, I thought it would be fun to share memories that I have attached to some of these games as there are a few. I wanted to call this feature Memory Card because a lot of my memories that i have strongly are around the Playstation 1 and there will be a few around that particular card. Today we take a look at Tomb Raider (PS3).

I have always been a fan of Tomb Raider – the adventure, the challenge, the graphics, however when I originally bought Tomb Raider on PS3 my opinions started to change. The decision had been made to rebrand the game, go back to the roots of what made Tomb Raider and how Lara became the iconic name. In theory, it sounded like a great concept and then you notice that the rebrand would also come with a whole lot of blood and brutality.

I am not the biggest fan of gore, but I do appreciate that there is a market for it and that there is a need to make games that feature it. However, I do not believe that Tomb Raider is a game that should of even gone down this route.

I find a lot of the gaming market is aimed at males or people with a thirst for blood but there is also a huge gap in the market these days now for games that can be enjoyed by all. When I was a kid Tom Raider was a family affair and we used to have nights playing it all together. I knew people of all ages that would play it and with these new changes i cannot see that happening anymore, which is such a shame as it allowed children to explore a new style of gaming without the horror just the odd scare.

All in all the Tomb Raider version is a good game with an interesting concept but for me the gore is not needed . If you took away all of that and all of the shock factor of the blood you would still have a great game. Just look at the way Uncharted reaches it audiences without all the gore.

I still have a love hate relationship with this game but I try to ignore it and enjoy the game underneath as the game play is good and it is also interesting. I do find though that the fore takes away from the fun and that is the key reason why I cannot enjoy this game completely.

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