NEW FEATURE: Monthly Music Hitlist – January 2022

Hello and welcome to a new feature, this year I have decided to keep a diary of tracks that I am enjoying so that maybe you can gain new ideas of tracks to listen to or even try out. I am keeping a diary of tracks throughout the month that stand out to me so that I can put these selected tracks into an article for you! Here is this months hitlist

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3/1/22 – 24k Magic, Bruno Mars

The year for me started off really getting back into Bruno Mars and dancing a lot to some of his songs. This track was one that really stood out and made me smile to listen to it. It is a great little track and it is one of those songs that you forget is part of his back catalogue.

5/1/22 – All Over It Now, Jamie Cullum

This was the day that I remembered why I am a fan of Jamie Cullum, my music was on shuffle and this song came on and I remembered why I loved it . This song is super catchy and definitely one of the best tracks by the musician. It has a catchy chorus, some great piano melodies and is one of those songs you cannot help but sing along to.

10/1/22 – Zombified, Falling In Reverse

On the Friday Falling In Reverse released new music and this was the track and it was really catchy with its heavy guitars and the chorus gets stuck into your head. It is quite refreshing to have new heavier music to listen to.

11/1/22 – Throne, Bring Me The Horizon

I was listening to my music on random playlist and then this really interesting intro started on a track, it was only when it started that I realised it was Bring Me The Horizon. I have only started to get into this band in the last year and I am really starting to enjoy their music.

12/1/22 – Barcelona, Twin Atlantic

I was listening to another playlist on Spotify and this track came on and I didn’t know who it was. This year I have started to listen to Twin Atlantic a lot more as I have started to realise I like some of their music. I think this was the first song I heard from the band and it is really catchy and very unique.

14/1/22 – Won’t Stand Down, Muse

This is the day that Muse released a brand new single and it was one that was incredibly striking and brought back a sense of the old style of the band. It is heavy guitars a strong beat and takes you on a journey, it is a phenomenal return track and has got me excited for the album.

16/1/22 – Kiwi, Harry Styles

I think it is evident from this article that I tend to find new music on playlists on Spotify, well I find it is also a great way to come across songs that you forgot that you had even listened to. This song came on my speaker and I had not heard it in such a long time that I didn’t even realise it was Harry Styles. I like the guitar riffs in it as the are catchy and make it a really fun track.

17/1/22 – Sooner or Later Years + Years

I was late to the party with Years and Years and only ever listened to them when I did an edit as we use their music alot. Now when they release new music I always listen as I know that at some point I will be using the track, however I like this song it is really catchy.

18/1/22 – Bang A Rang, Skrillex

I came across this song for the first time in years the other day and forgot how catchy it is, i love the heavy bass through it as is it so catchy and it is one of those tracks that just makes you want to get up and dance.

19/1/22- Зафиналили , XTV feat Alexander Rybak

I was writing a future Forgotten Songs article and did some extra research and ended up coming across this amazing song by Alaxander Rybak and the Russian band. That is why I really enjoy writing this website, you come across so much exciting new music.

20/1/22 – Jenny Was Friend Of Mine, The Killers

I love The Killers and I do not listen to them as much as i used to because I have overplayed their albums. However, saying that sometimes I adore listening to it and this is one of my favourite tracks from their debut album. It is such a great song to kick off an album and it is so catchy. One of my all time favourite albums.

22/1/22 – Outside, George Michael

Sometimes you go through a phase where you just want to listen to a specific musician and for me, George Michael was someone this particular day I wanted to listen to. It was good fun to listen to his back catalogue and some of these are really catchy and make you want to dance around.

24/1/22 – Modern Way, Kaiser Chiefs

On this particular day I had a lot of random stuff to do which meant I listened to songs that I hadn’t listened to in ages and also enjoy to sing along to. This song is one of the tracks I really enjoy by Kaiser Chiefs and it is also one that I do not get to hear very often.

25/1/22 We Don’t Talk About Bruno, Encanto

I saw the film Encanto at the beginning of the month and enjoyed it and like everyone I found the songs pretty catchy and this one is one of the best. It is really easy to have this song pop up into your head like an earworm and it is only the chorus.

26/1/22 – Dj Got Us Fallin’ In Love, Usher feat Pitbull

Sometimes when I do night shifts, I like to listen to upbeat tracks to really keep me awake and get me dancing around the room when I have a spare five minutes. This is one of those songs that always gets you off of your feet.

27/1/22 – Let’s Try Being In Love, Darren Hayes

I always like to listen to new music and when I heard Darren Hayes had released new music for the first time in a decade, I thought it would be fun to listen to. Whilst the song is not for me I think the music video is a really interesting one.

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