30 Best Songs of 2021 – pt3

It has come to the point of the year when we celebrate all things music and take a look back on the year and what songs that it has provided us with. Today we have a look at the last ten in our list of greatest songs of 2021

21) Cold Heart, Dua Lipa & Elton John

In August, Dua Lipa teamed up with Elton John and Australian trio Pnau to release a remixed version of the track Cold Heart. The single was released as the lead single of Elton John’s 32nd Studio album called The Lockdown Sessions. The track was released on the 13th August 2021 and became Elton John’s first number 1 single since his collaboration with 2Pac in 2005.

22) Peaches, Justin Bieber

On the 19th March 2021, Justin Bieber released the track Peaches which also featured Daniel Caesar and Giveon. It was the fifth track from his sixth studio album called Justice. To promote the single he teamed up with the cannabis company Palms to launch a line named after the track. The track won a MTV Video Music Award and debuted at number 1 in the US Billboard 100.

23) Streets, Doja Cat

If there is one thing that has continued it’s popularity then that is Tik Tok and this is a track that has become one of the dance crazes. Streets was released on the 16th February 2021, it was released under the record label of Kemosable and RCA and was produced by Blaq Tuxedo. The single also samples the song Street’s Is Callin’ by B2K as well. It went into the top 5 in Greece, Lithuania, UK and the US to name a few.

24) Billy Goodbye, Franz Ferdinand

In November of this year it was announced that Scottish band Franz Ferdinand would be releasing a greatest hits album in the new year called Hits To The Head and it would include two new tracks. One of the singles to be included was one that they released at the time of the announcement called Billy Goodbye. The album will be released in lots of different formats and also will include unseen photographs and liner notes by French rock journalist JD Beauvallet.

25) Out Of Style, Limpbizkit

This year saw nu metal rock band Limpbizkit release new music and one of the singles that came with it was Out Of Style which was off of the brand new album Still Sucks. The song came out on the 30th September and was welcomed with open arms from fans and really brought the style of the band back to the scene.

26) The Antidote, Simple Plan

In early November, it was announced that Canadian pop punk rock band Simple Plan were set to release a new track, their first since 2019. The single The Antidote is the first single from their up and coming sixth album which is due out in 2022. The track has been praised as very emotional with some really great lyrics.

27) Bite Me, Avril Lavigne

It has been a big year for Avril Lavigne as she signed onto Travis Barker’s record label to release her new album on. In November, she released a brand new single with Travis Barker called Bite Me, it was written by Avril, Derek Smith, John Friedmann, Christopher Comstick and Omer Fedi. The track was praised for Avril returning to the pop rock scenes that she was originally a part of.

This year saw hip hop duo A1 x J1 make their mark on the music industry and they released their debut single on the 4th February 2021. The song has become a viral hit on Tik Tok and has also done very well in the charts. IT went to number 1 in the UK R&B Charts, 2 in the UK Charts and number 10 in Ireland.

29) Treat People With Kindness, Harry Styles

On the 1st January 2021, Harry Styles released the single Treat People Kindness, with a music video that also started Phoebe Waller-Bridge. The single was from his second album Fine Line, it was written by Harry Styles, Jeff Bhasker and IIsey Juber and released under the record labels of Erskine and Columbia. The single won Best Choreography at the 2021 MTV Music Awards.

30) The Bandit, Kings Of Leon

In January 2021, the American rock band Kings of Leon released the single The Bandit, it was released under the record label of RCA and produced by Markus Dravs. The track was initially teased on their Instagram page. The track did well in the charts and went to number 6 in the US Rock Airplay.

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