The Travel Book – The Journey To New Years

Photo by Hert Niks on

When Christmas is over, it is always a weird time to be on holiday, some countries have different bank holidays and others don’t but not just that you have that weird gap between Christmas and New Year. Even though it feels weird and you are basically ‘over’ Christmas after the day has passed, it can actually be a fun time to be abroad as there can be a lot still to see!

A thing that I have noticed about those days between Christmas and new years abroad is that it can mean that the cities are a lot more quieter then normal because people are spending times with their families. However due to the sales in the shops it can be pretty busy around there.

I think something that is important to point out that when you are abroad there may be sales but it does not necessarily mean you can be a part of it. I have been to many places in Europe particularly that the sale is only for the locals and you have to prove your postcode or have a loyalty card.

It can be a really busy time to travel around as well and if you get public transport anywhere you may notice, especially on trains it may be busy as some people mat be returning after Christmas so be warned you will be better off booking your travel and seats in advance.

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