The Travel Book At Christmas – Planning Your Christmas Day Meal

One thing that is important when you go abroad at Christmas is to try and think ahead as to what and where you want to eat on the big day. If you want to eat out for the occasion then planning is going to be your best friend as places fill up incredibly quickly and you may even have to book before you even arrive in the country or location! Today I thought I would give you some tips as to what you can do for food at Christmas.

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Book ahead

If there is one thing that this time of year has taught me is do your research and book ahead as restaurants can book up extremely fast. My recommendation to you is to look online now and see the reviews and what ones offer a menu as they will be available to look at and the one that you like pre-book to avoid disappointment.


This may sound like a really random but think of this logically for a second – you are in a new place and there is SO much new food to choose from so why not have a picnic of all picnics on Christmas Day to try all this new things! If you are staying in a hotel or a place that has a fridge in your room / apartment then you can store all the cool stuff in there and it will last even after the big day.

Room Service

If there is one thing that can be best friend at this time of year then it is room service. It can be a last resort but is is always good to know that you have it there at your phone call away if you ever desire it. However, just treble check with the hotel that it is available on that day.

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