The Travel Book – Music & Travel – Pt.6 The New Regime

I find both music and travel are both quite personal experiences and when there is a moment or time where they can merge together it can create something pretty special. I listen to a lot of music when I go travelling and sometimes the experience is so special that the song sticks with that travel event as a memory. So I thought it would be nice to visit that topic and talk to you over the next few weeks about just some of the magical musical moments I have had on my adventures.

Location : Chester Zoo
Song: Heart Mind Body & Soul, The New Regime

In 2020, before the pandemic hit, I decided to go to Chester for a few days by myself. My birthday was in the middle of the week and everyone was working and so I decided to go to Chester to go somewhere I really wanted to visit – the zoo. I love animals and from watching the Channel 4 show The Secret Life Of The Zoo I was amazed just how big it was and wanted to go.

Now, when you go travelling on your own, there is one thing that you tend to do a lot and that is listening to music. Whenever I go somewhere new I create a new playlist to try and mix up what I was listening to. One of the songs that was on this playlist was Heart, Mind, Body and Soul by The New Regime.

I have always liked this song, it is bold, it is punchy and it has a really fantastic guitar riff and drum beat throughout that just automatically makes you engaged with the track and instantly enjoy it.

When I went to Chester Zoo, it was early February and it was on the wisp of the pandemic becoming a huge news story in the United Kingdom. The day that I went was mid week and a bit rainy – which translates to the fact no-one was really around. This meant that I had all the time in the world to listen to my music as I walked around.

Walking around a zoo with a song like this coming on can make the experience dramatic, every walk or step nearer to a cage can feel extremely exciting and sort of create a tease to what is going to come next. When the song came on when I was looking at animals it sort of created this fun ambience and made it very enjoyable.

If you haven’t heard of this song by The New Regime ne sure to give it a listen below.

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