Listed! – This Week – Things To Do On A Rainy Day

Welcome to the feature where every fortnight we will explore different topics that are listed in the book A List A Day by Paperchase. They range from food, music and travel to really random topics so I thought it wold be a fun one to talk about throughout the year!

Todays Topic – Things To Do On A Rainy Day

Everyone loves a rainy day, you know these sort of days where it is wet and you don’t want to go outside and instead spend time inside doing things that provide ‘comfort.’ So today we are going to look at things I enjoy doing on these sort of days.


Rain and jigsaw puzzles go hand in hand together and there is nothing more pleasing then opening a new jigsaw and starting a new adventure. It is a great activity doing these as it is really fun and extremely exciting and relaxing at the same time.


I love gaming and what a better day to do it then when it rains and there is nothing i love more then playing the Playstation. I always try and find a new game on these sort of days so I can really delve into a new world. It is always great fun and makes the day just fly by.


Another thing that goes hand in hand with a rainy day is reading. There is something really relaxing about hearing the rain pour outside while you are indoors with a cup of tea and a good book. Escapism at it’s greatest.

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