Welcome to Charlie Vero-Martin Month!

As you have probably been able to tell there has been a gap om us having a monthly feature – well this month they have returned and we have a very exciting guest to talk to as well – Charlie Vero-Martin.

Charlie Vero-Martin is a comedian. an improviser, and is even in the troupe Glitch where she improvises with puppets. This month we get to talk about all these ventures as well as festivals, useful improv tips and how it all began.

When Charlie answered these questions for The Phoenix Remix, she was actually recovering from Covid back in August as this was meant to go out in September. However it had to be pushed back due to the fact our editor has been recovering from an operation.

so apologies for the delay, but it is a cracker of an interview that you will definitely not want to miss every Wednesday at 9am.

Want to see Charlie Vero-Martin live? You can here are dates for upcoming shows:
5 October – Aces & Eights – £2 – WIP
13 October – Rose & Crown, Kentish Town – Free – WIP
29 October – 31 October – Museum of Comedy
2 Nov – Aces & Eights (TBC)
7 Nov – Aces & Eights
9 Nov – Hoopla Impro – Charlie’s Comedy Cabaret
15 Nov – Hoopla Impro – Factually Inaccurate

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