INTERVIEW: “Wonderful Days” With DJ & Producer Marco Dalla Villa

Today we speak to Marco Dalla Villa, a London based DJ and producer originally from Italy who has recently released his latest single Wonderful Days. The track is a modern take on the 1971 song “Help (Get me some Help)” by Tony Ronald. For the track he has also teamed up with singer Leanne Gage. I caught up with Marco to find out all about the collaboration, making music in Lockdown and performing live.

Hello Marco Dalla Villa tell us three unknown facts about yourself?

I am a huge fan of The Simpsons. I watch at least one episode every day.

I love singing, even if I am one of the worst singers on earth. I always sing very loud during my gigs and sometimes people close to the stage can hear my voice on top of the music. I also sing in the shower and my neighbours often keep time by beating on the wall.

Whatever song I make, even the clubbiest kick and bass drop, I always play it on the piano first. I think that if a song doesn’t sound amazing on the piano it will never work in any style. 

How did you get into music?

I was forced by my parents to study piano since I was 4. I didn’t like it in the beginning, and 10 years later, when they told me I could quit the piano lessons I thought “I don’t really want to leave”. From then I never stopped making music.

Who do you find your inspirations?  

My main inspiration is Gigi D’Agostino, not only for his songs but for his way of sharing feelings and emotions. His freedom of thought, his unique style that doesn’t follow any trend, his live performances make him my source of inspiration in every aspect of my work: when I am in the studio to produce, when I play live gigs, even when I have to post on social media.

Tell us all about your latest single Wonderful Days?

I got in touch with that melody at the football stadium, as it was a chant of my favourite football team. I used to sing every Sunday during the games.At that time, I didn’t know the original song “Help” by Tony Ronald and I found out about its existence after searching for so many years.When I finally found out where that melody came from, I decided I wanted to do my own version of it and that’s how “Wonderful days” was born.

How did you and Leanne Gage decide to work together on this track?

I was looking for a female singer to feature in my song, and I prepared a rough demo of it (very rough I have to admit) which I shared with Leanna. She was able to see the potential of the track using her imagination so she decided to join the project and that was a lucky break

Tell us about how you have been making music in lockdown?

I have my own studio setup at home, so I always start new projects from there. Then when I have something concrete to work with, I show it to my manager and she makes her magic to find the right singers, studio spaces or anything that I need in order to finalise the project.

What is the most challenging thing when it comes to producing a record?

To find the right balance between following the rules (harmony rules, structure rules, dictates of industry trends) and adding your personal touch and identity.

The risk is to go either too far from what a song should be like nowadays or to be flat and create products with no soul no ideas no anything.

What is your favourite thing about being a DJ and producer?

I literally don’t find any difference between what I do for fun and what I do for work.

You have also just released a remix of Maps- tell us about that?

I found the lyrics of the song, which reflect the story of the singer from the beginning of her career all the way to Eurovision, very inspiring and empowering. Such a story spoke very dearly to me, and I was astonished when Lesley chose me for the Official Remix.This year, the Eurovision will taste different to me, as I will be supporting a different team (even though they have almost the same flag).

Are you excited to see how the track Maps does in the Eurovision this year? 

I am very looking forward to it! I will be also voting – guess for who?

How do you warm-up for a show?

I don’t have a routine or any ritual before shows. I try to act normally as if I was going to the club just to dance and enjoy. In this way I can perform with no pressure. Overthinking the setlist or any other aspect could be a big mistake. I think that showing up on stage relaxed and willing to have fun, allows me to connect with the audience and understand what they are up for so that I build my Dj set on the spot together with them.

Also let’s talk tour – will there be live shows coming soon?

I hope so but, given the current situation, it is very hard to make plans.

What are your plans for the rest of 2021?

I have a new official remix coming out very soon and I can’t wait to share it! Also, I am working on a few original songs that are already sounding massive in my mind but obviously, I need to take them to the real world and that’s the challenge.

And finally, why should people check out your music?

I think that if you made it all the way to reading this final question, now it’s worth listening to at least one of my songs just out of curiosity!

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