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The Travel Book – AROUND THE UK SPECIAL – The Beach

With the lockdown slowly starting to ease in the United Kingdom I thought it would be good fun to talk about different places of interest that I personally enjoy in the country. So ever so often I am going to cover different topics of places you could visit that I personally enjoyed. Today we are going to look at some of the beaches that I have visited and enjoyed.

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Bournemouth, Dorset

I lived in Bournemouth for five years and in that time I would always be at the beach I loved it so much! The beach is sandy and it is a really great place to go and in the summer it is really busy however my favourite time to visit the beach is the winter as it is quiet and you get to really witness its beauty. It is a great beach for families and all ages and its very popular with tourists.

Woolacombe Bay, Devon

I went to Woolacombe as a kid and I remember loving it as it had a great sea for body boarding and lots of sand for castles. This is one of the many amazing beaches in Devon but it is beautiful. It is in a high tourist area so again it can get really busy but it is worth trying to go down there early to experience how quiet it can be and quaint. You can even do some rock pool searching as well.

Tynemouth, Tyne and Wear

When I lived in the North East I feel in love with this whole life of coast and would make the effort to visit it whenever I could. It is very rustic and if you visit in a summer or even a winters day you will be welcomed to a very dramatic site. There is a stretch of sandy beach and the other side of it there is this other beach that is also dramatic as it has the Tynemouth Priory and Castle looking over it.

Eastbourne, East Sussex

If you are looking for a location on the South Coast for a lovely beach and cliff views then let me suggest Eastbourne to you. It is a really nice beach and whilst it may not be sandy, it is nice to visit somewhere that isn’t your normal. Just up the road you also have Beachy Head, although if you do visit this take care as it can be quite dangerous.

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