Off The Record – Magic Of The Music Video Special -Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die, Panic! At The Disco

Last year, we launched a brand new set of articles called The Magic of The Music Video which looks at videos that have inspired me as a Video Editor. Well, I thought I would bring that article to life in more ways then one by celebrating certain albums that some of those singles have come off of. Why do this you ask? Well, you may know the songs but may of never actually listened to the albums so welcome to this section of this feature that will happen throughout the year.  In January we featured Panic! At The Disco so today we are looking at today at the album where This Is Gospel came from – Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die

Vegas Lights

This is the first song to come after two of the singles and it is a different style to the other two, whilst it the other two have a sort of drama and emotion to make them stand out tracks, this one does as well but does it in a completely different way to the singles. The way that the track starts off with a countdown and then kicks into this really jazzy beat makes it the first track on the album that has a dance vibe to it. The lyrics and the style of the song create this sense of image in your head of the intense crazy life of Vegas and the track takes on a journey which feels a bit like a metaphor.

Casual Affair

This song is very different to any other track on this album and has a real drama to it that is emphasised through the drum beat and the strings that play throughout. The way that the lyrics are sort of distorted throughout sort of creates this world that feels dark and mysterious to the listener. If you listen to this track on headphones you can hear the intensity and the complexity of the musical construction.

The End of All Things

This is the last track on the album and I feel it sort of creates this beautiful finale to this chapter in the Panic! At The Disco section of their career. The piano takes the lead here but there again is this echo style distortion to the lyrics that sort of bring all the themes of the album together. It is a very slow ballad song but it is a wonderful track to end the album on.

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