INTERVIEW: Meet Julian Skiboat

Today we talk to a musician that until recently he was actually making all of his music on his iPhone 5! Meet Julian Skiboat, a musician who has just released his brand new single called Flowers which is full of jazz guitars and uplifting melodies. Julian is a 24 year-old multi instrumentalist and singer-songwriter from San Antonio and I was very exited to be able to talk about the new music and plans for the rest of 2021.

Hello Julian, tell us three unknown facts about yourself?

I’m lactose intolerant.

I was homeschooled as a kid.

I just recently got into anime.

How did you get into music?

I grew up in a musical household. It kind of just happened…with instruments just laying around you eventually get curious and try messing around with them. I started on drums and then everything else sort of just followed in due time.

Who do you find your inspirations? 

I’m super inspired by my friends. Jack Boyd, Donny Electric, and Peter Kuli. The three of them are always working on something and trying new sounds. 

Tell us all about your latest single Flowers?

Flowers came after I had a little “mental reset” if you will. I was really in a dark spot and luckily I had people close to me that helped pull me out of it. After coming back to the light side of things, I wrote the song sort of reflecting on that transition. I posted it to tik tok and people really seemed to enjoy it. With all the positive feedback we knew we had to release it, so I sent it over to Peter Kuli to produce it out. And there’s the song haha.

How long did it take to write the song? 

I wrote the song in one night. Of course I edited some words and lines the next day. But all and all it was a quick process just cause the topic was so fresh on my head.

Where does the inspiration for the song come from?

It comes from what I was going through mentally in that brief time period as stated earlier. It’s really just a reflective piece on that eternal struggle of giving up on something or seeing it through and making a rocky situation positive.

 Tell us about how you have been making music in lockdown?

Nothing has really change about my process due to being in lockdown. I’ve always been a homebody and a little on the introverted side so posted in my bedroom recording isn’t really a new process for me. If anything I finally have an excuse to work this way.

What is the most challenging thing when it comes to producing a record?

100% finding sounds I like. I have a bunch of ideas but finding the right sounds is so tedious. That’s why I’m super happy I had Peter to produce this one out for me!

 How do you warm up for a show?

Nothing in particular, just try to keep nerves down and just kind of chill out for a bit.

Also, let’s talk tour – will there be live shows or online shows this year?

Probably a no to the live shows. Really trying to stay safe. Unless of course there’s a super safe way to do it, or covid magically just disappears. 

But for online shows yes, I know a couple have been in the works so we will see!!

What is one of your favourite songs  to perform live? 

Slow Deal

What are the toughest songs to perform live and why?

Orange Juice, the chords are kinda jumpy

How have you been keeping creative during lockdown? 

Just been trying to write and stay connected with people. I don’t really have an excuse to not make music so I mean mine as well haha

Has it led to lots more songs?

YES! big yes

Our site also is about improv – in a music sense, what have been some of your favorite improvised melodies that you have created and been able to use in songs and why?

The song of Flowers as a whole. That’s kind of how I record/write in general. I lay down a guitar riff. Record a little freestyle/humming take and then put words to that melody. I don’t get a full song every time but in the case of Flowers, that’s exactly what happened. It being a newest release obviously puts it in that favorite spot haha

What are your plans for 2021?

I want to grow as an artist and just as a person in general. So I plan to keep creating and releasing music, and to just keep becoming more in tune with who I am and how I’m feeling. I really want to be consistent with music drops this year.

And finally why should people check out your music?

it’ll get you in your “feels”. I enjoy it, maybe you will too. idk. that’s a tough question.

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