In the Games Corner – MEMORY CARD EDITION – The Names Bond….Well, Trying To Be Bond

Welcome to a new sister article to In The Games Corner that is about computer games but with a different spin. I have been playing computer games from a very young age and I find that some games when I think of them are attached to very strong memories. So, I thought it would be fun to share memories that I have attached to some of these games as there are a few. I wanted to call this feature Memory Card because a lot of my memories that i have strongly are around the Playstation 1 and there will be a few around that particular card. Today we take a look at James Bond

When I was at high school and college I used to hang out with predominantly guys. I used to prefer them to girls just because they were a lot less bitchy and more about having fun. There was a group of about four guys I hung out with a lot and they went to my college as well so we used to hang out in our spare time as well.

One of the things that I had in common with the guys is that we enjoyed playing computer games. They used to meet up alot together to play shooting games and a few of the times I decided to join them to see what all the fuss was about.

I wasn’t really into shooting game but I really enjoyed hanging out with them (and I had a crush on one of the guys) so it was the perfect excuse to spend time with them.

One of the games that they loved playing was James Bond on the PS2. In multiplayer, you basically had teams and the aim was to try and kill the opposition as many times as you could in the alloted time.

At first when I started playing it, I wasn’t sure if I enjoyed it (and was always getting killed) so when I did start to enjoy it I found a fun little tactic.

I could never be as good as the guys as they had so much experience of playing the game, so I used to hide. That’s right, I was the person that is annoying and hides out in the most random places to kill you.

Ok, so I never really won but I always had fun and that was the best part.

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