In The Games Corner… Rippin’s Riders Snowboarding, Dreamcast

Today we look at a sports game that was released on the Dreamcast. Rippin’s Riders Snowboarding was released November 1999, it was developed by UEP Systems and published by Sega. It was part of the series Cool Boarders which was a set of snowboarding games.

The name of the game is sort of self explanatory as to what the player has to do – snowboard. In the game there are a variety of game modes including Free Ride, Super Pipe, Battle and Free Race. The main aim is to acquire points whilst doing tricks such as grabs, ollies and speciality skills.

The game allows you to visit many locations including Mountain Review, Dancing Devils, Cave Slider and Emerald Forest. The game received mixed reviews but it was praised for it’s graphics and new tricks that were available.

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