The Travel Book At Christmas – How To Feel The Christmas Spirit Abroad

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It is Christmas so what better way to celebrate the season then to talk about travel and fun things about the festive season. This year we are going to explore a lot of the different topic around the subject and take of look at different cities, countries and everything in between. When you are abroad for Christmas a lot of the time you are living in a hotel room or a rented apartment and it can be hard to feel like it is Christmas. Ok so in a hotel the lobby will be decorated but how do you feel Christmassy away from it? Here are a few tips to help out.

Buy a handful of decorations

It doesn’t matter where you are staying, try and buy a handful of decorations. We always buy a few little Christmas decorations that are not too pricey that can be used to jazz up the room a bit. I am not talking about something crazy but just something little. Also make them decorations you can pack and take home with you so you don’t waste anything and then you have memories for your tree at home. I have a mini wooden tree from Seville, Spain and a little knitted rag doll from France and I am sure I also have something from Switzerland.

Get some LED Christmas Lights

The easiest way to make any room feel Christmassy is by getting some LED Christmas lights. When you are in a hotel room you want decorations you can hide away when out go out for the day. These are easy to put away and also when you do get them out at night it instantly brightens up your room and makes it feel festive.

Get some presents

I know Christmas isn’t all about presents but go on, get a couple for each other, it will make it feel that little bit special and different from the rest of the holiday!

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