In The Games Corner… – Top Trumps: Doctor Who, Playstation 2

It is a game that you can buy in all different themes and it was also turned into a variety of computer games and today we will look at a Sci-Fi version. Top Trumps: Doctor Who was released in May 2008 it was developed by Ironstone Partners and published by Eidos Interactive. The computer game version is set in the Doctor Who Universe.

The computer game is similar to the version you play in real life – you receive a deck of cards and each one has a character from series 1 to 3 including Martha Jones, Captain Jack Harkness, Daleks, Cybermen, Slitheen and of course the Doctor himself.

Each card has statistics of strength and weaknesses – you choose which card to play and then the person with the best score wins and collects both cards. There are two different game modes – adventure mode where you play against AI opponents and Versus mode where you play head to head.

The game received positive reviews for it’s gameplay and has enough Doctor Who content for fans whilst also still being entertaining for those who are not.

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